Al-Faisaliah neighborhood is one of the finest neighborhoods of Jeddah and is preferred by many visitors to the city to stay in during the holiday of tourism in Jeddah because of the distinctive features of Al-Faisaliah neighborhood hotels in Jeddah, acceptable prices and a high level of services no less luxurious and sophisticated than the best hotels in Jeddah, with an ideal location of shopping centers And services.

As one of the neighborhoods of Jeddah that is famous for including the finest hotels in Jeddah, the report presents you with the best hotels in Al-Faisaliah neighborhood, Jeddah, according to the experiences of previous visitors.

The best hotels in Al-Faisaliah neighborhood, Jeddah

Al-Faisaliah neighborhood includes some of the best Saudi hotels and self-catering hotel apartments, and we recommend you the best on the site, services, facilities and other factors.

So that you can reserve Al Faisaliah Hotel Jeddah for your needs during the stay.

Al-Tahlia Bed and Breakfast Hotel

One of Jeddah’s best beachfront hotels that offer a private beach area, with elegant units overlooking the city, leisure facilities such as a fitness center and sauna, services and family rooms.

It is located 7 minutes from the N2 Mall, 850 meters from Serafi Mega Mall, and 14.5 km from King Abdulaziz Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Hotel guests very much appreciated it and rated it very well, in terms of staff, cleanliness, comfort, and location.

Hotel reservation
The best Al Faisaliah neighborhood hotels in Jeddah have tried top-rated Arab guests

Al-Fahad Al-Tahlia Hotel

The best hotels in Al-Faisaliah district, Jeddah, are self-catering and suitable for family housing, as the place offers spacious spaces and integrated facilities, with internet services and free parking, airport transfer service.

It is 280 meters from Al Serafi Mall, 9.4 km from Jeddah Central Corniche, and 20.7 km from King Abdulaziz Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was well received by the hotel and rated by a very good overall rating, the highest ratings of staff were excellent.

Then the location is hygiene, internet services and convenience.

Hotel reservation
The best hotels in Al-Faisaliah neighborhood, Jeddah. See our report

Al Rawda Hotel and Suites

Al Faisaliah Hotel Jeddah is the best hotel for couples and family residency, and it is one of the luxurious modern Al Faisaliah hotels in Jeddah.

It boasts elegant fully equipped units, with a suite for grooms and family rooms with a shared lounge.

The inn is 3 minutes from Tahlia Street, 1.0 km from N2 Mall, and 19.5 km from King Abdulaziz Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a very good rating thanks to the staff, the cleanliness, the location, the facilities, and the comfort.

Hotel reservation
Do you want to live in Al-Faisaliyah neighborhood hotels in Jeddah? Read our report

La Fontaine Hotel Jeddah

Among the finest hotels in Al-Faisaliah district, Jeddah offers a suite for grooms, elegant family rooms of various sizes, suitable for large families, with a fitness room, and good breakfast service to the room.

It is 1.3 km from N2 Mall, 7 minutes’ drive from Serafi Mega Mall, and 20.2 km from King Abdulaziz Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was well appreciated and valued by its guests, thanks to the location, staff, hygiene, internet and convenience services.

Hotel reservation
You can follow our article to choose the best hotel, Al Faisaliah Hotel, Jeddah during the holiday

Hotel apartments in Jeddah Al-Faisaliah district

With the increase in the cost of accommodation in the best hotels in Jeddah, the hotel apartments become a good choice for many families, due to their desire to obtain a less expensive, comfortable and private stay.

The Al-Faisaliah district of Jeddah provides a group of Jeddah hotels and the finest hotel apartments that are characterized by luxury, sophistication and good handling.

We have prepared for you a guide that includes the best hotel serviced apartments, find them on the tab .. Read more

Top hotels in Al-Faisaliah district, Jeddah for families See visitor opinions and how to book

Why is Al Faisaliah neighborhood hotels Jeddah the perfect choice for many?

The Al Faisaliah Hotel Jeddah reservation is ideal for Arab tourists and families for the following reasons:
Perfect view of the city.
Its location from Jeddah Corniche and its recreational parks, and its location from the shopping centers.
The level of services provided by its sophisticated facilities and its varying prices.
Our article is a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in the Al-Faisaliah neighborhood, with high reviews from Arab guests.

What is the best hotel in Al-Faisaliah Jeddah?

This article combines 4 hotels, each of which represents the best Al Faisaliah Hotel, Jeddah, according to the opinions and ratings of Arab guests.

What are the best hotels in Al-Faisaliyah neighborhood in Jeddah for families?

All hotels nominated by this guide are suitable for family housing and large numbers of friends, with the vital location they provide, and good and enjoyable family entertainment services and facilities, with high ratings from Arab guests, especially families, providing spacious suites, apartments and family rooms.

How much does it cost to stay in Al-Faisaliyah, Jeddah hotels for one night?

The cost of staying in a Jeddah hotel in Al-Faisaliah district ranges between $ 52 – $ 253 per night for two people.
And it varies according to the hotel classification and location, the tourist season, unit capacity, and other factors.

What are the best hotels in Al-Faisaliah Jeddah near the airport?

Prepare Al-Tahlia Bed and Breakfast Hotel The best hotels near Al-Faisaliyah neighborhood to King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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