Al-Munsiyah or Al-Munsiyah is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Riyadh, because of its proximity to the airport road and Dammam road. Therefore, we find Al-Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh, one of the most popular hotels in Riyadh for local and non-local tourists.

In general, Al-Munsiyah hotels and most hotels in north Riyadh are considered the most popular among the Saudi hotels, due to the many services they offer at reasonable prices, and this explains the demand for them, despite their distance from most of the shopping centers in Riyadh.

The best hotels in Al-Munsiyah district in Riyadh

For all those who want a luxurious stay away from the congestion areas, you will find your place in Al Munsiyah hotels, which are located close to King Khalid Airport, and at the same time far from the congestion centers in Riyadh.

Below is a selection of hotels that you can choose from for a quiet and comfortable stay.

Danat Al Khaleej Hotel

Dana Al Khaleej Hotel is well known among the hotels of Al Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh for its many advantages, as it provides wonderful individual and family rooms, and its spacious rooms include large size beds, a seating area, a private bathroom, and kitchen amenities.

It also offers an indoor spa center, a terrace for guests, and a step-by-step rental service to enjoy the aisle passes next to the hotel.

The hotel is 26 km from King Khalid Airport, 6.8 km from Taste of the Knights Hall for Celebrations, and 10.4 km from King Fahd International Stadium.

Summary of reviews
Arab visitors

Guests rated the hotel great, as they were impressed with the staff, the quality of the facilities, and the value for money.

Some complaints came about the lack of toiletries, and the lack of soundproofing between rooms.

Hotel reservation
The best hotels in Al Munsiyah offer various services and facilities.

Transient 103 Al-Munsiyah

One of the best hotels in the Al Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh, because it provides rooms of a distinct level, as all rooms contain air conditioning, a refrigerator, and tools for preparing hot drinks. It also provides family rooms with more spaces and more facilities.

The hotel includes a fitness center, swimming pool, free parking, and room service available throughout the day.

The hotel is 25.1 km from King Khalid Airport, and is not located near famous landmarks or shopping centers.

Summary of reviews
Arab visitors

The hotel was well rated by guests, and most liked the cleanliness and comfort of the hotel, and the value for money.

Negative comments focused on the unwillingness of the reception staff most of the time, and the hotel’s distance from shopping malls.

Hotel reservation
Choose from 4 best hotels in Al Munsiyah district in Riyadh to enjoy a distinguished stay.

Goot Resorts

One of the finest resorts and hotels in Al-Munsiyah neighborhood, because it offers more than wonderful services, as it offers upscale villas with fully equipped rooms, attached to the villas, a private pool, and an en-suite bathroom that includes a spa bath and its amenities.

It also offers free Wi-Fi for all villas, free parking and airport transportation.

The resorts are 24.9 km from King Khalid Airport, and 9.4 km from The Business Gate business portal.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

With its distinguished services, the resorts got an excellent evaluation from the guests, who were impressed by the friendly staff, the comfort, the cleanliness, and the value for the money.

Hotel reservation
Al-Munsiyah hotels are among the best hotels in north Riyadh near King Khalid Airport.

Dana Hotel Suites

Dana Suites is one of the best hotels in the Al Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh. Each independent suite includes all residence requirements. Single or twin beds are available, with an air-conditioned seating area, a fireplace in the rooms, as well as kitchen supplies and a washing machine.

Additional services include various facilities for disabled guests, free parking, and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel is 25.3 km from King Khalid Airport, and there are no shopping or tourist attractions near it.

Summary of reviews
Arab visitors

Dana Hotel Suites received a good rating from its previous clients, and what they liked most was the staff dealing, the cleanliness of the wings and the availability of facilities.

The negative customer reviews were regarding the lack of toiletries.

Hotel reservation
Al Munsiyah neighborhood hotels strive to satisfy guests with a distinctive range of services

Why is Al Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh hotels the best choice for many?

Because Al Munsiyah neighborhood hotels in Riyadh have many advantages, including:
Proximity to many shopping malls.
Close to the airport and some sights.

What is the best hotel in Al-Munsiyah district in Riyadh?

You can choose from the best hotels in the Al Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh that we have gathered in this article based on real reviews from Arab visitors.
It was one of the best according to the evaluation Goot Resorts , Which received an excellent rating of 9.3.

What is the best hotel for families in Al Munsiyah, Riyadh?

Prepare Goot Resorts One of the best accommodations for families in the Al-Munsiyah district of Riyadh, it includes suitable family rooms, and provides special meals for children.

How much does it cost to stay at Al Munsiyah neighborhood hotels in Riyadh for one night?

The cost of staying in Al Munsiyah Riyadh hotels ranges from 50 to 80 USD Goot Resorts The average stay is $ 570, and the price varies according to the period of the year, room size, and features.

What are the best Al Munsiyah hotels in Riyadh near the airport?

All hotels in the article are between 24 and 26 km from King Khalid Airport in Riyadh.

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