The neighborhood of Al-Shati Jeddah is one of the best hotels in Jeddah, because it provides all amenities and recreation for tourists.

As the coastal city is a popular destination for large numbers of travelers annually, coming for the purpose of tourism in Jeddah, and to enjoy its picturesque landmarks.

Therefore, Jeddah provides a group of the best hotels and apartments in Saudi Arabia, to meet the wishes of its visitors to make their trip more special.

The best hotels in the beach neighborhood, Jeddah

In this article, we show you 4 of the best hotels in Al-Shati district in Jeddah, which have won the admiration of their guests, for the comfort they provided during their stay in them.

Rose Wood Hotel Jeddah

Rose Wood Jeddah is a mixture of exquisite and modern design, this luxurious hotel is designed for business or leisure travelers, and offers unparalleled services.

The hotel has multiple rooms and suites, with attractive views, and provides various wellness facilities, along with room services, transportation and parking.

Rose Wood is located near the commercial shopping areas, 3.9 km from Stars Avenue Mall, and King Abdulaziz Airport 29.7 km.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a great evaluation, as one of the best hotels in the neighborhood of Al Shati Jeddah, in all facilities, location, staff, hygiene and comfort.

A number of visitors complained about some service issues.

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List of hotels in Al-Shati district, Jeddah, with charming views and distinguished services

Kunooz Al Yam Hotel Jeddah

Kunooz Al Yam Hotel is one of the best options for those looking for hotels in Al Shati district in Jeddah. It is characterized by modern exterior design and elegance of its interior decoration.

The hotel has multiple suites including Executive, Classic, Junior, in addition to honeymoon suites, and many luxurious rooms, fully equipped.

The hotel offers a fitness center and restaurant, along with many leisure activities such as karaoke, casino and live music.

The hotel is 30.6 km from King Abdulaziz Airport, and 1.4 km from King’s Road Tower.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The reviews of the Arab visitors were very good, regarding the hotel location, staff and cleanliness.

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Learn about luxury beach neighborhood hotels in Jeddah that provide high quality services

Beach Time Villa Hotel

The 4-star Time Hotel provides a peaceful stay in Jeddah, one of the beach hotels in Jeddah, which is distinguished for its location and facilities.

The villas are air-conditioned and include a private balcony overlooking the garden. They also offer a seating area, TV, oven and microwave and all kitchen appliances.

Travelers are also invited to take advantage of the wellness facilities, from indoor and outdoor pools, to relax and unwind on the outdoor terraces and picnic areas.

The distance between the hotel and King Abdulaziz Airport is 29.5 km, the Al-Radsi Mall is 9 km, and the Corniche is 3.8 meters.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The helpful staff, location and comfort, both received a very good rating from Time Hotel guests.

Some visitors found the price exaggerated, and they suggested refurbishing the furniture.

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A group of hotels in Jeddah's Beach neighborhood, with distinct facilities and enjoyable leisure activities

Chiyah wings

What makes Chiyah Suites, a neighborhood of the beach in Jeddah, is the services provided by a group of friendly, highly skilled and experienced staff.

The hotel offers apartments of various sizes and rooms, including studios, individual and deluxe rooms, all furnished with elegant furniture.

Travelers can relax in the wellness facilities, which offer different massages, as well as spend the family’s most enjoyable times in the barbecue and hiking facilities.

The distance between the hotel and King Abdulaziz Airport is 30.2 km, and the new waterfront is 4.6 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments are rated well, for their great location, staff and comfort.

There were negative comments from visitors on matters relating to hygiene.

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Jeddah neighborhood beach hotels are considered one of the best in terms of services and facilities

Hotels near the Redsea Mall

The suspicious hotels of Al-Radsi Mall are a destination for many travelers coming for tourism or business, because of its location close to the vital places.

Therefore, we offer you our comprehensive guide on hotels near Al-Radsi Mall .. Read more

A comprehensive guide to hotels close to Al-Radsi Mall

Why is the beach district in Jeddah the optimum for many?

The beach neighborhood hotels in Jeddah are the best because they offer the following advantages:
The breathtaking views of its accommodations
Proximity to malls, stores, and restaurants
Proximity to King Abdulaziz International Airport

What is the best hotel in the beach district in Jeddah?

Rose Wood Jeddah Hotel Time Hotel Beach Villas, Kunooz Al Yam Hotel Jeddah One of the best hotels in Al-Shati district, Jeddah, based on reviews from Arab visitors.

What is the best hotel for families in the beach district in Jeddah?

All the hotels we collected for you are suitable for families as they include connecting rooms, family suite, multi-bedroom apartments.

How much does it cost to stay in Hay Al Shatea Hotel in Jeddah for one night?

The cost of staying in a neighborhood neighborhood hotel ranges between $ 63 and $ 400, and the price varies according to the period of the year, the size of the room, and its advantages

What are the best hotels in the beach district in Jeddah near the airport?

All hotels mentioned in the article are approximately 30 kilometers away from the airport.

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