Obhur Al Shamaliah hotels Jeddah tops the list of the best Saudi hotels for Arab families, as it is characterized by an ideal location of the city’s most important malls, its academic and recreational centers, and the acceptable level of prices, facilities and distinguished services.

During our article, we present to you the 4 best hotels in North Obhur and the highest rated Arab families who preferred them as an option to stay during the tourist holidays in Jeddah.

North Obhur hotels Jeddah

Obhur Al Shamaliah district in Jeddah includes a group of the best hotels in Jeddah and the highest rated Arab guests in terms of services, facilities and prices, such as:

Narcissus Resort Jeddah

One of the best hotels in Jeddah sailed north
Its spacious, elegant units and leisure facilities such as the fitness and wellness center
Spa, free internet and parking, airport transfers.

The resort is 8.6 km away
From a region
North Obhur, 14.3 km from King Abdullah City
Sports, 28.3 km from Al Rahma Mosque, 29.1 km from King Abdulaziz Airport.

Read our resort report Narcissus Jeddah

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Being the best sailing hotel, visitor ratings came in very good in terms of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, location, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast.

Hotel reservation
Obhur Al Shamaliah Hotel Jeddah for those looking for an upscale residence and distinguished services

Al Mukhtar Hotel Apartments

One of the best hotels in North Obhur
They provide stylish, simple, soundproofed units with facilities for the disabled
Private, internet coverage, and suites equipped with amenities to suit grooms

The hotel is located in the Al-Sheraa neighborhood, at a distance
5.8 km from Obhur
Northern, 28.4 km from a park
Atallah Happy Land, 36.5 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a very good rating,
Where came the highest estimates for the level of cleanliness, comfort and facilities, then followed by location and level
Prices, and the internet didn’t get any reviews compared to other North Obhur hotels in Jeddah.

Hotel reservation
North Obhur hotels are one of the best recommended accommodation

for furnished residential units

The best hotel in North Obhur works
It offers self-catering, elegant and spacious air-conditioned units, including a private bathroom, with internet services
Free parking, 24-hour front desk.

The hotel is 14.3 km from North Obhur. The hotel is 18.1 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

And being the best sailed north Jeddah hotel
He got a very good evaluation and he had a lot to cover the internet, then the staff,
Convenience, cleanliness, facilities, price level, location.

Hotel reservation
Our nominations are among the best hotels in Jeddah to sail north to stay during the holiday in Jeddah


One of the best hotels in North Obhur Jeddah
It is characterized by a system of full self-independence and independence, suitable for Arab families
Enjoy spacious, elegant and equipped units with pool and garden, free parking.

The hotel is 16 km from North Obhur, and King Abdulaziz Airport is 19.9 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Apartments received an exceptional rating from
Its guests, where the highest reviews came in terms of cleanliness, facilities, comfort, location, and prices.

Hotel reservation
If Jeddah is your destination, these are the nominations for the best Northern Obhur hotels in Jeddah

Why is Obhur Al Shamaliah hotels Jeddah the perfect choice for many?

Obhur Al Shamaliah hotels are among the best accommodation options that Arab families resort to, thanks to their proximity to shopping and entertainment centers, as well as their high level of services, facilities and affordable prices compared to other Jeddah hotels.

What are the best hotels sailed north in Jeddah?

The article includes a variety of the best hotels in Obhur Al Shamalia, for obtaining a wonderful evaluation by its Arab guests for the level of services provided and facilities.

What are the best hotels in Jeddah sailed north for families?

The article presents a selection of hotels that are considered one of the best hotels in North Obhur Jeddah for Arab families, because they provide spacious special units, means of protection, cleaning services and keeping luggage.

How much does it cost to stay in North Obhur Jeddah for one night?

The cost of staying in a hotel in North Obhur ranges between $ 40 – $ 100 per night for two people, and varies according to the hotel classification, the tourist season, the unit capacity, and other factors.

What are the best hotels in Jeddah sailed north near the airport?

Narcissus Resort Jeddah is the closest hotel to Jeddah that sailed to King Abdulaziz International Airport and received high reviews from Arab guests.

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