Hotels in Riyadh neighborhood enjoy great popularity among hotels in Riyadh, chalets in neighborhood neighborhood of Narcissus enjoy the same reputation, so they follow the list of favors of Riyadh chalets, where they provide a very high standard of luxury and sophistication, so many local and foreign tourists go to stay in chalets in the neighborhood of Narcissus, it is the perfect place For lovers of relaxation and recreation.

The best chalets in the neighborhood of narcissus

The chalets of Al-Narges neighborhood are distinguished by their diversity and different services, and you find chalets in large and small areas, some of which offer services that others do not offer such as allowing pets, and another that provides transportation to and from the airport.

When choosing a narcissus neighborhood chalet, the guests choose the most suitable for them, and here are the best chalets, Narges, Riyadh, with an explanation of the most important services for each chalet.

Diamond Chalet Cordoba

One of the best chalets in Al Narges neighborhood, with its luxurious level of residence, the furniture has a modern and elegant, and the furnishings are of the finest materials, the kitchen and the bathroom are equipped with all facilities and supplies, and it includes indoor and outdoor pools.

It offers barbecue facilities inside the garden, and also has private parking for guests.

The chalet is 31.2 km from King Khalid Airport and 6.4 km from Granada Mall.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalet received a very good evaluation, as they liked the handling of the staff, the availability of facilities, and the cleanliness of the place.

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Narges Chalets Riyadh attract many tourists with its distinguished services

Riad that

One of the finest chalets in Al Narges neighborhood, Riyadh offers accommodation units with all facilities, and includes comfortable beds and seating areas. Each unit also has a private fireplace, games facilities, and a large outdoor pool.

Guests are provided with free room service, as well as parking, and Wi-Fi access throughout the chalet.

The chalet of Al Narges Riad is 25.4 km from King Khalid Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalet received a good evaluation from its former guests, and the evaluations were positive on good handling and availability of residence requirements.

However, negative comments were found on the chalet’s cleanliness, especially its pool.

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One of the best chalets in Narges neighborhood that includes various facilities and a spacious garden

Arab chalets Riyadh

One of the finest accommodations in Al-Narges neighborhood, it offers elegant and simple rooms and seating areas, including integrated kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as barbecue facilities by the pool, and a private children’s play area.

Unlike many chalets in Narges neighborhood, they do allow pets to enter with inmates.

Arab Chalets are 27.1 km from King Khalid Airport, and Jasmine Park is 9.9 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalets were rated well, and the most praised by the guests were the good handling of the staff.

While many residents were disturbed by the large number of flies, mosquitoes and flying insects spread in the garden.

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Learn about the best chalets in Narges neighborhood, Riyadh

Swarovski Chalets

Swarovski is one of the most famous chalets of narcissus, the neighborhood of narcissus, which includes spacious accommodation units, furnished with luxurious furniture and furnishings of good materials, and includes an outdoor pool in the garden, and near it games for children.

The chalet allows pets, provides free parking for guests, and offers an airport shuttle.

The chalet is 24.5 km from King Khalid Airport and 4.6 km from Cordoba Mall.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Swarovski chalets were well rated by the guests, and the guests were impressed by the handling of the staff and the location of the chalet.

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For family tourism in Riyadh, we recommend staying in a chalet in Al Narges neighborhood

Why is the narcissus the best choice for many?

Staying in Narges chalets offers many advantages, including the proximity to tourist places, the proximity to popular shopping centers, and the proximity to the airport.

What is the best chalet in Narges neighborhood?

You can choose from a selection of the best chalets that we gathered in this article based on the reviews of Arab visitors, and it was Diamond Chalet Cordoba Best as it is very well rated 8.2.

What is the best chalet for families in Al-Narges neighborhood?

Both are considered Arab chalets Riyadh And Swarovski Chalets Best for families, as they have a private children’s play area.

How much does it cost to stay in chalets in Narges neighborhood for one night?

The cost of accommodation per night ranges from 300 to 430 USD, and the price varies according to the period of the year, the size of rooms, and the advantages of accommodation.

What are the best chalets in Narges neighborhood, Riyadh, near the airport?

considered as Swarovski Chalets The best chalets in Narges neighborhood near the airport.

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