Ajman is the smallest tourist city in the Emirates and one of its most important beach recreational areas, which are accepted by the local population before foreign tourists.

Best hotels in Ajman

When you decide to visit recreational places in Ajman, you must definitely search for a place to stay during this trip, and to narrow your search we have compiled for you with this report the best 5-star and 4-star hotels in Ajman according to the reviews of their visitors.

Best hotels in Ajman

The best entertainment places in Ajman

Below is a list of the best and most entertaining places in Ajman that are perfect and popular among families and loved by children.

Ajman City Center

City Center is one of the most popular entertainment places in Ajman among tourists and locals, as it is its largest mall, with its upscale stores selling international and local luxury brands and distinctive arenas for restaurants, cafes and a cinema.
In addition to the largest entertainment corner for children, it includes a large collection of games, some of which simulate reality with a theater with 4D display technology .. Read more

City Center the best entertainment places in Ajman

Rashidiya Park

One of the most entertaining places in Ajman is the privacy and comfort of mothers and children, as the garden, which extends for an area of ​​40 thousand square meters, does not open its doors except for women and children only, where green lawns and concrete and wooden benches that provide visitors with an atmosphere of calm, while their children play or take a bike tour inside the park .
work hours
Daily around the clock.

The best places of entertainment in Ajman Emirates

Aqua Pons Ajman

It is an integrated theme park for families and children, as the city offers a wide range of exciting water games that create an atmosphere of fun and joy for all ages, some of which are electronic games and others are water sports.
work hours
Everyday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Water park in Ajman

Al-Zawraa Reserve

It is an ideal place for family and children outings when visiting the emirate of Ajman, where the huge natural reserve includes vast areas of mangrove forests that exceed one million square meters and includes thousands of wonderful wild and rare creatures that you will enjoy so much.
Everyday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Entertainment places in Ajman

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