The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you to visit

المسافرون العرب

Nigeria is a country of magical nature and the land of gold, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the brown continent, because of the beauty of its amazing nature, it includes rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, while its lands permeate the highlands that are covered with wonderful green plants.
Nigeria possesses multiple tourism, among which it is entertaining between the distinctive and historical parks through an impressive array of monuments, museums, all these picturesque paintings gathered to display the bright face of wonderful Nigeria.
If your next tourist destination is to Nigeria, then there are the most important questions that provide you with a lot of research. What is the capital of Nigeria? It is the city of Abuja. As for the language of Nigeria, the official language of the country is the English language, along with a large group of local languages, including Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, and other languages ​​used by locals.

The best seasons of tourism in Nigeria

Nigeria has a hot tropical climate throughout the year, where heat bicycles are high, while temperatures drop in the highlands and plateaus, and the period from December to March is the best time to visit Nigeria, and this period is characterized by pleasant temperatures sometimes reaching 15 degrees Celsius There are also many festivals, including the Easter Carnival, the Lagos Black Heritage Festival, and the year in Nigeria is divided into two seasons as follows.
The rainy season starts from late April to October, when it rains heavily.
The dry season begins in the month of November and extends to March, which is characterized by a refreshing atmosphere, and the best times to visit the picturesque beaches of Nigeria.

How long can I stay in Nigeria

To obtain a Nigerian visa, you must first make sure that your passport is valid for a period of at least six months, citizens of Arab countries can obtain an entry visa for a period of no more than 90 days, by obtaining the visa in the usual ways, by going to the embassy or consulate of the State of Nigeria in Your country.

Tourism in Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, capital of Nigeria, is one of the most important tourist cities, which are located in the center of the country. Aso Rock Heights dominates the city skyline, which represents a stunning background for the presidential complex that includes the residence of the President of the country, and its offices, near the National Assembly in Nigeria, so Abuja is the headquarters The administrative of the country, beside its magnificent nature, which mixes Lake Gabi with museums and parks, with popular markets, luxury shopping centers, famous mosques, and its distinctive churches.
There are two large parks in the city, including the National Arboretum, which is a natural forest area, and the other is the Millennium Park, which is a large area of ​​natural plants, and picturesque gardens divided by the Wuba River, and the Abuja National Mosque and the Christian National Center are located in the central commercial area , As for Zuma Rock, the towering highlands pictured on the Nigerian national currency.
The proposed duration of visit to the tourist areas of Nigeria Abuja is 3 days

The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you - The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you to visit

Tourism in the city of Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, extending inland from the Gulf of Guinea, through Lagos Lagoon, famous for the island of Victoria, which is the financial center of the city with its beach resorts, eutics, and a bustling life, and to the north of the city, Lagos Island is home to the National Museum of Lagos, where cultural artifacts are displayed alongside works Handcraft, near Freedom Park which was formerly a colonial prison prison, is now a major venue for parties and public events.
The beaches are lined with Leakey Peninsula, which extends to the east of the city, and also includes the Lucky Conservation Center for Wildlife and Paths, and the National Museum of Modern Art shares with the National Art Theater, and displays the work of local artists, when you visit the Lickey Colorful Market you will see exciting local arts and crafts, The town of Badagre also contains sites and museums documenting the city’s history as a slave harbor, including the Badagre Heritage Museum.
The proposed duration of visit to the Lagos Nigeria tourism regions is 3 days

1581385348 878 The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you - The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you to visit

Tourism in the city of Kano, Nigeria

The city of Kano is characterized by its abundant tourist attractions, between historical sites, and unique places of great interest, such as the Kurmai Market, which was established in the fifteenth century, and is located in the heart of Kano, next to the places of hiking and relaxation in the country, and includes the Castle Castle which enjoys a strategic location, overlooking On the famous Tiga Dam, Roryum Tourist Lodge, Kano Zoo, and Jedan Macama Museum.
And do not miss the Durbar Festival in Kano, in a unique festivity amid the largest parade of colorful horses, riding on elegant clothes riders, this joyful carnival is held during Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, you will have an experience that exceeds expectations during your visit to Kano.
The proposed duration to visit the tourism regions of Nigeria Kano is one day.

1581385348 369 The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you - The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you to visit

Tourism in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria

One of the most beautiful cities of tourism in Nigeria, which is an active center for business and industrial, with many entertainment centers scattered all over the city, it is a city rich in culture and traditions, and many festivals are held in Ibadan, such as the Okke Festival, which attracts foreign visitors from all over the world Watch this cultural and spiritual heritage of the city, along with the Igunjun, Imoja festivals, and more.
You can also visit the Ajudi Gardens, a resort full of fun and relaxation with cheerful music, delicious food, and witness the wildlife in nature by visiting the IITA Forest Reserve, or going to the Ibadan Zoo, and enjoy a wonderful panoramic view across the city during your tour of the Memorial Tower Tower All this and more in this wonderful city.
The proposed duration to visit the tourist areas of Nigeria, Ibadan is one day.

1581385348 832 The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you - The 4 best tourist cities in Nigeria We advise you to visit

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