The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros

المسافرون العرب

When you step into those countries of legendary beauty, you will be blessed with the magic of their nature, the splendor of its views over the Indian Ocean, its mountainous highlands, and its tropical forests free of predators, so that it attracts tourists to embark on an adventure of discovery, and its charm lies in its composition, which consists of four beautiful islands.
The first of them is the island of Mayotte, one of the islands of the French system of government, which contains a shallow lake and is characterized by coral reefs scattered in its coasts.
The second island is called Moheli, which is the smallest island in the country. It has beaches with fine white sand and clear waters with green turtles.
As for the western islands of Comoros, it is famous for its forests that allow many activities such as safari trips in its vicinity.
And the fourth is the Great Moon Island, which has the largest active volcanoes on Earth, along with mountains and wonderful nature.
Comoros possesses a varied tourism, among its prominent tourist attractions, from museums, theaters, and markets. The lunar franc is the currency of the Comoros, which is an Islamic country, and its people speak Chikmaria, followed by the Arabic language and French, and it is one of the most important tourist destinations that suit the honeymoon .

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The best seasons of tourism in Comoros

The Comoros country has a temperate tropical climate, and temperatures vary during one day, as well as varies from one island to another due to the unique terrain in each of them. The islands go through two seasons throughout the year, the dry season, and the last rainy day. March is considered the most rainy month of the year, and the islands are exposed To the wave of strong hurricanes in this rainy season, therefore, we do not recommend visiting the country in this season so as not to spoil your vacation, but for the tourism season it will be in the period from May to September, and Ramadan in the Comoros is one of the wonderful times that you can attend.
The rainy season in the Comoros extends from December to April, when temperatures reach approximately 29 to 30 degrees Celsius.
The dry season is between May and November, which has a pleasant atmosphere with cool breezes, the temperature reaches 19 degrees Celsius, with clear skies and bright sun, which are the best times for tourists to relax on the country’s enjoyable beaches and practice water sports activities, or explore the most important landmarks in The country, as for the four-year seasons in Comoros, will be as follows.
Spring starts from September 21 to December 20, who wears a winter dress in rain and wind.
As for the summer, it comes on December 21 and lasts until March 20, which is the harvest season, and there are many good things in the country.
The fall semester, which starts from late March to June 20, includes dry months that allow tourists to enjoy their journey.
Winter is in late June through September 20, and is the peak of the tourist season in Comoros.

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How long you can stay in the Comoros

The Comoros Islands allow all citizens of the world to enter its territory without obtaining an entry visa, and without any other requirements, where you can request entry visas upon your arrival at the airport, but make sure that your passport is valid for a period of no less than six months, you can stay in the Comoros for a period 30 days.

Tourism in Moroni, Comoros

Moroni is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in the country, and it is the distinct capital of the Comoros Islands, located in the Greater Comoros Island in the Indian Ocean, which is surrounded by mountains covered with greenery, rocky beaches dotted with tropical palm trees, and lava from the active Mount Kartala around the port, and there are activities Enjoyable tourism among the amazing wildlife.
Among the most important monuments and attractions in Moroni, is the old city area that is distinguished by its unique architecture. As for art lovers, the capital includes many diverse theaters, in addition to popular markets and shopping centers, the old Friday mosque with columns of wonderful Arab heritage, and the doors carved with distinctive decoration, also includes the museum The Comorian Patriot exhibits on the nation’s cultural and natural history.
The proposed duration to visit the tourist areas of Moroni, Comoros, is 3 days.
The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros - The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros

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Tourism in Mutsamudu Comoros

It is one of the most important tourism cities of the Comoros, and the second largest city, which is also the capital of Anjouan Island, and the headquarters of the former president of the country, Mutsamudu now includes a deep water port, an ancient fortress that was a fortress to protect the country from the threat of pirates, and floats on a hilltop with wonderful natural views On the city skyline.
This city is characterized by narrow streets that include many shops and small crafts products, which is impressive of this wonderful group of houses that were built with stones, and they were painted white inside and outside, and they have wooden ceilings covered with straw, and coconut leaves, in a distinctive view mixed with picturesque beaches And don’t miss the popular markets that reveal many of the customs of this friendly people.
The proposed duration of visit to the tourist areas of Mutsamudu, Comoros, is two days.
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Tourism in Fomboni Comoros

One of the most magnificent cities and places of tourism in the Comoros and the most calm, and is the third largest city in the country, and tourism in Fomboni is a path of imagination, characterized by calm and extreme seclusion and unparalleled nature, with an interesting group of diverse coastal activities that attract those looking for Relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the city consists of a main street, a distinctive market, and a port.
It is the main destination for tourism on the island of Moheli, the most important islands in the Comoros archipelago, which owns the green plantations that banana trees, palm trees, and aromatic ylang-ylang flowers with an atmosphere filled with fresh clove fragrance give the rest of yourself, you can also move between the prominent features of the island, Like a national park, discovering the small rocky islands scattered over the island, the beaches and island waters are a great place to explore close-up marine life and observe sea turtles, whales, and dolphins, and you will have an unforgettable vacation among the stunning parts of Momboni.
The proposed duration of visit to the tourist areas of Fomboni Comoros is two days.
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Tourism in the Comoros Comoros

It is one of the most famous places to attract tourism in the Comoros, and the second largest city on the Comorian island of Anjouan in the Indian Ocean.It was once a prosperous center of trade as the capital of the sultans, with fortresses with towers were built to protect the country from pirate attacks, and it is also famous for palaces dating back to the 16th century AD , With a maze of houses with wooden doors carved with wonderful Swahili reliefs, it also includes the oldest mosques such as the Shirazi Mosque with a high stone construction, and it certainly provides picturesque beaches with charming views.
The proposed duration of visit to the tourist areas of Domony of the Comoros is two days.
1581379298 827 The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros - The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros

Best Comoros hotels

Comoros includes hotels distinguished by its great diversity and satisfactory, as it provides accommodations equipped with the latest facilities, and providing the best services for guests, in addition to its distinguished location overlooking the most important tourist attractions, and below we will display a list of the best hotels of the Comoros, according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors. read more
1581379298 283 The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros - The 4 most famous tourist cities in the Comoros

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