Hafr Al-Batin is one of the most important cities in Saudi Arabia, which is one of the areas that attract tourists, whether inside the Kingdom or from various countries, as it has many distinctive tourist attractions, among parks with stunning views, famous shopping places of malls and popular markets, in addition to a group Wonderful Hafr Al-Batin restaurants that give its guests many delicious experiences among the world’s kitchens.

Best hotels Hafar Al-Batin

The city of Hafar Al-Batin includes a variety of hotels that overlook the most famous landmarks in the city, providing its guests the finest rooms and suites that are equipped with the latest facilities and provide the best services, and below we will present a list of the best hotels Hafr Al-Batin based on the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Hafar Al-Batin Restaurants

Best restaurants Hafr Al-Batin

Available in Hafar Al-Batin, a distinguished group of restaurants that offer its guests the most delicious cuisine, including Arab, international and fast food, in a wide variety that satisfies different tastes, and below we will get to know restaurants in the famous Hafar Al-Batin.

Al-Bilal Restaurant

The best restaurants of Hafar Al-Batin for families, which is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, offers its guests the most delicious grill dishes of various types of kebab, kofta, and various types of meat, in addition to salads, appetizers, and many drinks and fresh juices.
times of work
Throughout the week, the morning period is from 11:00 AM to 16:00 PM, and the evening period is from 19:00 PM to 24:00 AM.

Best restaurants Hafr Al-Batin

Vienna Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Hafar Al Batin, which includes an internal hall suitable for families, and you can enjoy a delicious meal in the open air through the outdoor seating area. The Vienna restaurant is characterized by serving the most delicious seafood, preparing Tandoori shrimp.
It also offers delicious Indian dishes, such as steamed chicken biryani, chicken pasta with crunchy, chicken tikka with tandoor bread, in addition to a distinctive dessert plate of noodles with hot milk with nuts, and many drinks and appetizers that enjoy high quality and excellent service.
times of work
All days of the week from 12:00 PM to 24:00 AM.

The best restaurants of Hafr Al-Batin for families

Hervey Restaurant

The best restaurants in Hafar Al-Batin, and one of a distinctive local chain of restaurants. Hervey also specializes in providing fast food favorites for many of us, such as beef burger sandwiches, chicken burger, and also elephant fish, and the meal is complete only with french fries, along with soft drinks.
The restaurant also includes a hall dedicated to families and attached to it a wonderful play area for children to have fun while eating their delicious meal.
times of work
All days of the week from 08:00 AM to 24:00 AM.

Restaurants in Hafar Al-Batin

Kentucky Chicken Restaurant

Among the group of international restaurants spread in more than 100 countries around the world, Hafar Al-Batin offers one of the most famous fast food restaurants, which finds a great demand from adults and children, which offers secret mix chicken, with distinctive salads, and soft drinks.
In addition to an impressive array of delicious sandwiches of chicken, shrimp, and meals for children, it also provides a large number of side dishes, sweets, and drinks.
times of work
All days of the week from 10:00 AM to 02:30 AM.

Al Hafr Al Batin Restaurants

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