Al-Montazah Beach in Alexandria is one of the best and most famous beaches of Alexandria that the elite of local and Arab tourists resort to in the summer in many of their tourism tours in Alexandria, thanks to the enjoyment of the beach in the picturesque clear waters, pure sand and its fun entertainment activities, in addition to this It is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Alexandria, close to the famous Royal Gardens Park.
During the article, we review with you a group of the best activities that you can enjoy on Montazah Beach in Alexandria and the closest Alexandria hotels that have the highest ratings to it.

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Things to do when visiting Montazah Beach in Alexandria

• The breathtaking view of the Montazah beach will give you an opportunity to relax and calm the mood. You can spend the day looking at the clear sea water or enjoying the view of sunrise or sunset on one of the seats spread along the beach.

Alexandria Beach Park

• For more fun, you can rent one of the cabins or private chalets, which is located directly on the beach of the park, to have the opportunity to go down to the sea and enjoy the charming blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Al-Montazah Beach, Alexandria

• If you want to do different activities inside the Montazah Beach area, you can go to visit the Montazah Alexandria Palace, which was owned by King Farouk and it is located only a few meters from the beach.

Montazah Beach in Alexandria

• You can also take a walk and take some beautiful pictures between the wonderful gardens of the park, which also overlook the sea, which are the gardens that contain a beautiful group of roses and exquisite trees. It also includes a great big forest, also for taking beautiful photos.

Al-Montazah Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Alexandria

• At the end of the day you can enjoy lunch or dinner or even enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite drink on the wonderful sea view.

The famous Montazah Beach

Beach entry ticket price

25 pounds.

The best hotels near Montazah Beach in Alexandria

Eastern Al-Montazah Hotel is one of the best 5-star Alexandria hotels, and it is just meters from Alexandria’s Montazah Beach.
Reviews of Arab visitors at the hotel
The hotel is rated good for cleanliness, view, quiet, facilities and staff.
Hotel reservation
Helnan Palestine Hotel is one of Egypt’s best 5-star Alexandria hotels, and it is located directly on the beach of Montazah Alexandria.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
The hotel got a good evaluation of the location, sea view, staff and facilities, some mentioned the inconvenience and price hikes.
Hotel reservation

The location of the Montazah Beach in Alexandria on the map

The beach is located next to Montazah Palace.

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