Brands Street in Istanbul or as many call it Nisantasi Street, one of the most famous streets of Istanbul that is crowded with tourists every day because of the wonderful opportunity it provides for its visitors to shop in stores with the most luxurious brands, including local and international, and besides shopping the street contains a large group of the best restaurants and cafes Which serves the most famous international food and drinks, which made it one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Istanbul

In the following lines, we will introduce you to the most important activities that you can do when visiting Brands Street Istanbul

The most important activities that can be carried out on the Brands Street in Istanbul

• You can first visit the Cevik Mosque and see the extent of creativity in its external designs, and the mosque was credited with settling citizens in the city of Istanbul, where the name of the mosque, which means in the Turkish language, is derived from encouragement and has another meaning, which is the signs of reservation and was intended by the stones that were the target of the archers and Ottoman sultans, which Make those stones an amazing monument that tourists flock to enjoy watching.

Brands Street in Istanbul

• There are places on the street to get to know the culture of Istanbul and its bustling streets, in addition to the presence of many shops selling various souvenirs.

Istanbul Brands Street

• The Brands Street is one of the most pioneering markets in the field of fashion for the city of Istanbul, which includes the role of high-end fashion and boutiques of well-known designers, in addition to that it contains the most famous stores and markets for clothing in Istanbul, in addition to other products such as cosmetics and leather products, which made it one of the best shopping places in the city Istanbul.

Brands Street in Turkey

• The Brands Street in Turkey also gives you the ability to purchase famous Turkish brands and wonderful international brands.

Street brands

• You can end this amazing shopping tour in one of the restaurants located in the Brands Street in Turkey in the open air, and have a delicious international or local meal.

A restaurant on Brands Street

• After finishing touring Istanbul’s Markat Street, you can complete your tour by passing through the Ataturk Museum, and enjoy watching a collection of Ataturk holdings and items for the founder of the modern Turkish state and first president of its republic where the museum was previously a residence for the Ataturk family and was converted into a museum in 1942 AD.

Ataturk Museum

The best hotels near Istanbul’s Brands Street

The St. Regis Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 5-star Nisantasi Istanbul hotel, and it is just 150 meters from the Brands Street.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The St. Regis Istanbul Hotel has been rated excellent for both location, value for money, cleanliness, comfort, facilities, and staff.

Hotel reservation

Sofa Istanbul Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Istanbul. It is 100 meters from the Brands Street.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews for the location, staff, facilities, hygiene, and comfort.

While some visitors commented that there is a smell of smoke in the alleys of the hotel.

Hotel reservation

The street of brands in Turkey

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