The Moscow State Historical Museum is the building on your right as you enter the Red Square through the Resurrection Gate. This museum was opened in 1894 on the occasion of the coronation of Alexander III, and was the product of a 20-year project to promote various archaeological and anthropological collections in one museum, which was said It tells the story of the history of entire Russia according to scientific methodological events

Moscow State Historical Museum

The best activities in the Moscow State Historical Museum

• Touring the museum and getting the opportunity to see one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Moscow, which was built according to the architecture of the Russian Middle Ages, which is Gothic architecture that is characterized by the splendor of its design and the consistency of its amazing colors.

• Visit the prehistoric section of Russia where it displays a large rare collection of artifacts and fossils as well as skeletons dating back thousands of years before Russian history

Historical State Museum, Moscow

• View the collections displayed inside the museum, which summarize the history of ancient Russia and the entire modern, in addition to watching the holdings of the most prominent rulers who ruled Russia throughout history in one place inside the museum building with its floors

Historical State Museum, Moscow

• You can also get videos and illustrations in English that will make your tour of the museum easier and some books translated into a large number of living languages ​​in the world, including Arabic.
• There is a large restaurant in the museum from which you can buy your favorite meal, and there is also a café where you can sit a little bit until you enjoy your favorite drink.
• You should not forget to bring a suitable camera to take a group of memorial photos, you will love to share it with your friends after you return and keep it from your visit to the most important tourist attractions in Russia, Moscow, most of which visit the State Historical Museum.

Moscow State Historical Museum

work hours

All days of the week from 11:00 AM until 20:00 PM.
Free admission.

Moscow State Historical Museum Hotels – Moscow

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Site of the Moscow State Historical Museum

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