Makkah Gate in Jeddah Makkah Gate is considered one of the most important tourist places in Jeddah as it is the eastern gate of the city of Jeddah, and the door of Makkah to the Jeddah Wall was built in 1509 by the Mamluks to protect the city from external raids.
The Bab Makkah has undergone several restorations throughout the ages, so it now stands tall in the region, and the Bab Makkah was used to cross some funerals that they were going to for the tombs of Sheikh Al-Assad located near it.

Bab Makkah in Jeddah

The best activities in Bab Makkah in Jeddah

• Bab Makkah in Jeddah attracts large numbers of tourists and the residents of Jeddah itself, where there are many markets, malls and stores around, so people come to him to shop and buy different goods.

Bab Makkah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

• There are some ancient historical monuments in the Bab Makkah area that attract many people, especially those interested in the science of history, represented in: Beit Nassif, and Al-Shafi’i Mosque.
• Everyone who searches to spend time in the Arab heritage that demonstrates the authenticity of the city of Jeddah and shows its heritage goes to the Bab Makkah area in Jeddah, where there are several markets such as: the Bedouin market and the dew market.

Bab Makkah Jeddah is one of the most famous tourist places in Jeddah

• The Bab Makkah area in Jeddah is considered one of the most important places that pilgrims and pilgrims go during the holy month of Ramadan, because they find it an honorable reception and welcome, as the city becomes illuminated at night with lamps and large signs that give a pleasant feeling for the month of Ramadan.

Bab Makkah in Jeddah is an important archaeological site in the city of Jeddah

• Bab Makkah includes two towers of medium height, which are designed with a group of motifs and patterns to give an aesthetic appearance to the region.

Visit times

Bab Makkah is available for visiting all days of the week around the clock

Jeddah Hotels close to Bab Makkah

Staybridge Suites Hotel is one of the best hotels in Jeddah, as it is 3.5 km from Bab Makkah in Jeddah, and only 20 minutes by car from King Abdulaziz International Airport.
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Crown Town Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, 3.4 km away from Bab Makkah, and 2.6 km away from King Fahad Fountain.
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Bab Makkah location in Jeddah on the map

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