The city of Al Hoceima has been nicknamed the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea because of its attractive natural features, as it contains the most beautiful beaches on the Arab level, and therefore it deserved to be one of the most beautiful cities of tourism in Morocco
And if you are thinking of spending your summer vacation in one of the summer resorts, of course we advise you to visit the wonderful beaches of Al Hoceima that offer you the best level of services.
In addition to the presence of many cafes and restaurants that spread near them so that you can take some installments from rest and eat your meals quickly.

Al Hoceima beaches

Best hotels in Al Hoceima

You have intended to go to the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima for hiking and entertainment, so you cannot miss booking the best luxury hotels with different prices.

Al Hoceima hotels

The best beaches of Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima city has a group of the finest beaches that distinguish it from other cities, where the charming nature aspects of the turquoise waters that sparkle like jewels, the soft white sand, the calm sun rays that curse visitors, and the fresh air that is characterized by its fragrant smell, in addition to a variety of places Tourism in the charming Al Hoceima, we will show the top 5 of Al Hoceima beaches of breathtaking beauty.

Al Hoceima Beach or Kimado

One of the most famous beaches of Al Hoceima, Morocco, which is considered one of the most important tourist icons that distinguish the city, and Kimado Beach overlooks Mount Morro Pejo, which gives it a bright view, it is one of the most targeted beaches in hot climates during the summer, and there are many hotels and resorts facing this beach Wonderful .. Read more

Beaches of Al Hoceima, Morocco

Matadero Beach

It is one of the most magnificent beaches of Al Hoceima, Morocco, where it is distinguished by its clear blue waters, its fresh air and its brilliant sky, and many activities can be carried out in this wonderful beach where there is the sport of kayaking with small individual boats.
You can enjoy ship riding, colorful fishing, diving, and swimming, as it is one of the most beautiful beaches suitable for families, and it is 1.5 km from Al Hoceima city center.

Moroccan beaches of Al Hoceima

Calabonita Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Al Hoceima in the summer season, which attracts many Moroccans and outside tourists, and visitors can enjoy a fantasy atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation in the warm sunlight.
Some people are camping near the beach, and it has witnessed many developments recently as many cafes have spread near it, and it is 2 km away from Al Hoceima city center.

The most famous beaches of Al Hoceima

Tala Youssef Beach

It is one of the coolest beaches of Al Hoceima, which is characterized by its clean water and bright sunshine. It offers many enjoyable sports, you can rent jet skis, and it provides a group of professionals who monitor the vacationers to protect them and keep them from drowning.
The beach has a group of luxurious cafes and restaurants that provide distinguished services for visitors, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Al Hoceima that suit the new grooms for its romantic atmosphere, and is 6.4 km from Al Hoceima city center.

Al Hoceima beaches in Morocco

Al Sufaiha Beach

It carries with it all the characteristics of the glamorous nature, as it is characterized by its calm waves, its bright sand and its blue waters.
Visitors can enjoy various water sports such as swimming, diving and water skiing, as it is characterized by the presence of some dense forests near it, and it is 9.3 km from Al Hoceima city center.

The most beautiful beaches of Al Hoceima

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