Fethiye beaches are so beautiful that they are said to be a piece of paradise taken from the splendor of their beauty, where the clear waters are blue, the climate is mild, the atmosphere is pure and the pine trees spread that give them a wonderful view.
And it is considered one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the world level due to the gradual hue of the sea water as a painting, so tourism in Fethiye has flourished in recent times significantly.

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Turkish Fethiye beaches

The most beautiful beaches of Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is described as a city of magic and beauty because of its wonderful beaches, where Fethiye beaches are characterized by golden sands that sparkle like gems under the bright sunlight, turquoise waters, blue sky and fresh air, and we have presented the most beautiful Fethiye beaches to choose the right one for you from among them.

Calis Beach

This beach is distinguished by the turquoise waters and bright sunlight, and it is spread on its sides by the yachts in order for the tourists to stroll and enjoy watching the colorful fish, and in this beach there is a distinct scenic promenade you can enjoy its wonderful view at sunset but you must wear a sunscreen where this beach witnesses 300 sunny days from Days of the year, and you can also eat delicious Turkish and international cuisine in restaurants spread on Calis Beach.

Fethiye Turkish Beach

Kidrak Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Fethiye, which is characterized by its tall trees and sparkling water, so you can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in this distinguished beach. Swimming and diving are completely safe.

Fethiye beaches, Turkey

Oludeniz Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Fethiye, Turkey is the Oludeniz beach, which has been ranked among the best 5 beaches globally, and it is called the Blue Lake, it is a beach that enjoys the calm waters that do not include any waves and the spread of pine and olive trees on the mountain of Papadag that surrounds it, and tourists can do a lot of Tourist activities in this beach such as skydiving from the top of the mountain, snorkelling, yachting and sailing boats, and it was announced that the area of ​​this beach is a national nature reserve area that cannot be built on.
Entry price
5 pounds per person.

Fethiye beaches in Turkey

Camel beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Fethiye, Turkey, where the clear blue water is characterized by its cleanliness and purity, as it is spread by many types of shells and shells that tourists collect to keep a lasting memory of this charming place, and the beach is characterized by the presence of some boats deployed in it for a distinct cruise, as is work Lots of concerts and music shows, and the beach has been called by this name due to its camel accessibility.

Fethiye beaches in Turkey

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