Cairo is an important site for many tourism places in Egypt, including recreational, cultural and historical famous for its popular atmosphere and nightlife, where cafes and the corniche teem with visitors coming to enjoy watching the Nile in the evening, Cairo provides tourists with luxury and economic hotels that suit everyone in addition to distinctive restaurants, markets and other ingredients That makes it a great tourist destination.

The best Cairo hotels

Cairo hotels are considered one of the finest hotels in Egypt. On this tab, you will find the best hotels in Cairo that have won the approval of Arab visitors in their services and location .. Read more

Best hotels in Cairo, Egypt

Best Cairo restaurants

In this article, we will highlight the best restaurants in Cairo to offer you a group that includes the best tried and tested restaurants that we recommend you, and some of these restaurants are close to the most important tourist attractions in Cairo, and these restaurants are:

Abu El-Sayed Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Cairo and enjoys wide fame in the Egyptian capital, Abu El Sayed restaurant is characterized by its décor inspired by the Fatimid state in Egypt and you find it in wood and lighting works. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of authentic Egyptian cuisine in addition to delicious appetizers.
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Abu El Sayed is one of the best restaurants in Cairo and enjoys wide popularity in the Egyptian capital

360 Rotating Restaurant in Cairo Tower

One of the most luxurious restaurants in Cairo, because it is located in the Cairo Tower on the fourteenth floor to provide a wonderful view of the city from an altitude of approximately 160 meters. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of delicious Arabic and oriental dishes.

360 rotating restaurant in Cairo tower is one of the most famous restaurants in Cairo

Kaddoura Fish Restaurant

Kaddoura Fish Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cairo specialized in providing fish dishes of all kinds, this restaurant offers the best fish meals and gives you the possibility to choose the types of fish that you prefer to eat and also check their quality to serve you grilled, fried or cooked.

Kaddoura Fish Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cairo

Dar Jedoudna Restaurant

A distinguished Syrian restaurant that specializes in providing authentic Syrian dishes such as kebbeh, pans, and grills, in addition to an extensive menu of delicious dishes and appetizers from the Levantine cuisine. The restaurant is characterized by its lofty atmosphere of beautiful Syrian decorations and music.

Dar Jdoudna Restaurant, a Syrian restaurant in Cairo, is one of the best restaurants in Cairo, Egypt

The revolving restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

One of the finest and best restaurants in Cairo is located in the Garden City area, at the top of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and it features a complete 360-degree rotation within 75 minutes to provide visitors with a wonderful view of the city. The restaurant offers a varied menu of dishes and several Arabic and Western kitchens.
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The revolving restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel is one of Cairo's finest and best restaurants

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