GBR is one of the prominent tourism areas in Dubai, which includes a distinctive waterfront, 40 towers, a residential project that was completed in 2010 AD, and is located close to the Dubai Marina, tram and metro of Dubai, and what is more characteristic of the walkway which is length of 1, 7 km away, and the beach that contains many shops, restaurants and cafes, some of the leading beach hotels, in addition to a large number of apartments, GBR Hotel Dubai of all categories.

JBR Hotel Apartments Dubai

One of the most beautiful accommodations preferred by visitors to the city, JBR Hotel Apartments is Dubai, and the content of our report will be the content of several Dubai hotel apartments included in the JBR, and were particularly appreciated by Arab tourists.

Rawda Amwaj Suites Hotel, JBR

Located along Jumeirah Beach, Rawda Amwaj Suites Hotel offers serviced apartments in JBR Dubai with several distinct areas and facilities.

The hotel is 34.7 km from Dubai International Airport, 1.2 km from Jumeirah Beach, and 2.2 km from Dubai Marina Mall.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Roda Amwaj Hotel, one of the most famous apartments in the Dubai JBR Hotel, has received very good reviews regarding the location, its proximity to services, staff cooperation, the comfort of the rooms, and the services provided.

Although it is a prominent hotel apartment in GBR, some visitors complained of poor hygiene and crowded parking spaces.

Hotel reservation
JBR Hotel Apartments Dubai offers many facilities and services

Hawthorne Hotel Dubai

Hawthorne offers hotel apartments in GBR Dubai, a distinct value for spacious, delicately designed rooms, which create an atmosphere very similar to home comforts.

The hotel is 34.5 km from Dubai International Airport, 2 km from the Dubai Marina Walk, and 2.8 km from Skydive Dubai.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel reviews were very good in terms of location, overall cleanliness, staff cooperation, and services it provided.

One of the downsides of the hotel was the lack of diversity in breakfast, and the need for some furnishings to be renewed.

Hotel reservation
Hotel apartments in JBR Dubai have large spaces

Suha Hotel Apartments by Mondo

Suha is among the apartments of the Hotel GBR Dubai, which are preferred by Arab visitors, because of the distinctive spaces it provides, with comprehensive facilities and services.

The apartments are 35.8 km from Dubai International Airport, 3.1 km from the Marina Walk, and 3.6 km from Skydive Dubai.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments have achieved very good ratings in terms of the location of the services, the size of the apartments, the level of overall hygiene, and the quality of the food.

One of the downsides of the apartments was mishandling and delay in response
For requests from some workers.

Hotel reservation
Hotel apartments in GBR Dubai Hotel apartments in GBR enjoy stunning views

Marina View Hotel Apartments

Marina View Apartments are among the apartments of GBR, a lively location close to the city’s landmarks, and offer stunning sea views.

The apartments are 32.1 km from Dubai International Airport, 7.9 km from Palm Jumeirah, and 8.9 km from Mall of the Emirates.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments obtained good reviews in several aspects, the most important of which were the quietness of the site, the cooperation of the staff, the level of public cleanliness, and the facilities it provided.

Some visitors were unhappy with the low level of some services, and some delay in logging in and leaving.

Hotel reservation
The apartments at GBR have all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay

Marina Best View Ruby Hotel Apartments

The Marina Best View is among the many apartments of the JBR Dubai Hotel, which offer vast spaces with great views, which are distinguished by the entertainment facilities and all necessary services for a comfortable stay.

The apartments are 32.6 km from Dubai International Airport, 750 m from Dubai Marina Walk, and 800 m from Dubai Marina Mall.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments received good reviews of the location and its views, the services and facilities they provided, the value for money, and the cooperation of the staff.

Most visitors had some reservations about staff shortages, poor hygiene, and the need for upholstery in apartments to be refurbished.

Hotel reservation
The facilities of the GBR apartments are complete

What are the best apartments for hotel JBR Dubai?

Most of the hotel apartments in JBR Dubai recommended in this article have received good reviews from Arab visitors.

How much does it cost to stay in Dubai JBR Hotel Apartments for one night?

The cost of living in a spacious, modern apartment close to the vital places ranges between 85 USD and 350 USD, and the price varies according to the period of the year and the area of ​​the apartment

What are the apartments of GBR that you recommend to families?

Soha Hotel Apartments from Mondo and Rawda Amwaj Suites GBR are among the hotels we recommend for families for their good location, their apartments that contain several bedrooms and can accommodate large numbers, and the services they provide to children

What are the best apartments for GBR Hotel Dubai at economical prices?

Marina View Hotel Apartments is one of the excellent and affordable GBR hotel apartments, whose reviews were good among Arab respondents.

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