Makadi Hurghada is classified as one of the best tourist villages in Hurghada, with a view of a picturesque bay, a location near a family water park, a large entertainment mall, and a number of the most beautiful islands of Hurghada and its tourist areas.

This is in addition to the distinguished services provided by resorts and hotels in the village of Makadi Hurghada, recreational activities and accommodation units suitable for grooms and families, and with authentic Egyptian Arab designs that promoted tourism in Hurghada.

The best villages of Makadi Bay Hurghada

The Makadi area includes the most luxurious tourist villages of Hurghada overlooking the picturesque Gulf, which in turn includes the most famous Hurghada hotel chains ranked as the best group of Egypt’s beach hotels, which we collected for you through a comprehensive report of the most beautiful accommodations in Makadi Village in Hurghada to choose between.

Sunrise Royal Makadi

Makadi Hurghada Resort for families and children, where the place is distinguished
Ideally located on the picturesque bay extending up to 4 km, in addition to several swimming pools provided
It features an aqua park, fitness services and facilities, and spa and water sports.

Hurghada International Airport is located from the resort
32 km, Makadi Water World, 5.3 km.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Facilities, cleanliness, location, and staff got excellent reviews and are the highest ever from Arab guests compared to other Makadi Hurghada hotels.

Hotel reservation
Top 5 best recommended Makadi Village hotels in Hurghada

Golden Hotel Hurghada

The village of Makadi Hurghada for a fully serviced and luxurious vacation from
Through stylish modern units overlooking a private beach, with outdoor pools, water tables, playgrounds
Tennis, golf, diving lessons, kids club.

The hotel is 11 km from Hurghada Airport

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The resort was appreciated by its guests, and they rated it
Awesome, cleanliness was excellent, and the rest of the items like staff, prices,
The facilities are very well rated.

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The most beautiful Makadi Hurghada resort for family stay

Prima Life Makadi Hotel

The village of Makadi in Hurghada is suitable for different types of guests
Like grooms, young people and families, the resort offers swimming pools, water park, beach and sports
Water, fitness and spa services, sports and other playgrounds for children with bike paths.

It is far from Makadi Water World
It is 6 km away, and Hurghada International Airport is 32.6 km.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Guests are a wonderful hotel, given the highest ratings for staff, cleanliness, prices,

Hotel reservation
The best villages of Makadi Bay Hurghada

Jaz Makadi Oasis Hotel

The village of Makadi Hurghada is characterized by its Nubian designs and innovative recreational activities such as horse riding paths and lakes decorated with palm trees, a private beach that offers opportunities for water sports, fitness and spa services.

The hotel is 5 km from Makadi Bay, 32.2 km from Hurghada International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The best hotel in the village of Makadi Hurghada got a great evaluation in terms of staff, cleanliness, facilities.

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The best hotels in the village of Makadi in Hurghada

Serenity Makadi Beach Hurghada

The Makadi Hurghada Village is littered with Moroccan designs and stylish modern units with a view, with a private beach, swimming pools and access to the Royal Galleries and the water park of the neighboring sister hotel, tennis court and spa services, transfer services upon request, evening entertainment.

The hotel is 12 km from Makadi Mall, 36.8 km from Hurghada International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Guests stay at the hotel and rate it as excellent.
Facilities, prices, perfect ratings.

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A comprehensive report of the most beautiful Makadi village in Hurghada to choose from

What is the best village of Makadi Hurghada 5 stars?

Hotels and Resorts are located Serenity Makadi Beach Hurghada , Jazz Makadi Oasis Within the top 5-star villages of Makadi Bay, Hurghada, 5 stars, based on high ratings from Arab guests.

What is the best Makadi village in Hurghada for families?

The Sunrise Royal Makadi Resorts, Golden Hurghada, and Prima Life Makadi are among the best villages of Makadi Hurghada for Arab families according to their high ratings from them during previous trips and residence periods.

What is the best and cheapest resort Makadi Hurghada according to the opinion of Arab visitors?

Sunrise Royal Makadi provides, Jazz Makadi Oasis Low-cost accommodation units with great reviews for excellent Arab guests compared to other tourist resort villages of Hurghada.

What are the best villages in Hurghada Makadi available water games?

The Sunrise Royal Makadi and Prima Life Makadi offers a water park attached to the swimming pool, while Serenity Makadi Beach Hurghada provides access to the nearby water park with its brother Serenity Fun City, but at an additional cost.

What are the best villages in Makadi Bay Hurghada overlooking the sea?

Sunrise Royal Makadi, Hurghada Gold, Serenity Makadi Beach offers direct views of Makadi Bay and the Red Sea coast.

What is the average cost of a stay in the villages of Makadi Bay Hurghada per night?

The room price in Makadi Hurghada Resort ranges between 55 – 125 $ per night for two people in a standard room, and varies with the season, hotel classification, room capacity, reservation procedures and fees.

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