Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Egypt, located on the coast of the Red Sea at the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez. It was also named after the city of peace because it witnessed many meetings between Arab leaders and the agreements that stipulate peace. Sharm El-Sheikh is characterized by clear turquoise beaches and soft golden sands, in addition to it includes a number of famous tourist attractions. In this report, we shed light on 5 of the most beautiful beaches of Sharm El Sheikh recommended to be visited during your tourism vacation in Sharm El Sheikh.

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Best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Thanks to its wonderful views of the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh includes a group of the best hotels in Egypt, which are racing in facilities and services to satisfy all the tastes of the guests, and we have gathered for you the best from the following tab .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh beaches

The most beautiful beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

The beaches in Sharm El Sheikh are among the most important tourist attractions. We show you in this article information about the best beaches in Sharm that we recommend visiting and the names of the famous Sharm El Sheikh beaches.

El Fanar Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

Al-Fanar Beach is classified as one of the most beautiful beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh, because it has pearly water and fine sand, in addition to the fun activities it provides for its visitors.

Sharm El Sheikh Beach

Trasina Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

One of the most important beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, Trasina Beach is a prime destination for lovers of tranquility and relaxation and an ideal destination for lovers of swimming, attracting large numbers of families and tourists in the summer. The beach also gives you opportunities to rejuvenate and spend a fun day in the clear waters and golden sands .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh public beaches

Dahab beach, Sharm El Sheikh

Dahab Beach offers great opportunities for swimming, surfing and water biking, with full service facilities and restaurants to serve the best local cuisine. The beach has also become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Sharm El Sheikh and the most attractive to local families and foreign and Arab expatriates to visit and enjoy the charm of its turquoise waters .. Read more

The names of the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharks Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

Sharks Beach is one of the public beaches of Sharm El Sheikh and is located near Naama Bay, which made it gain great fame among visitors to the city.

Sharm El Sheikh Beach

Naama Bay Beach

Naama Bay Beach is the most important beach of Sharm El Sheikh, characterized by its sand that includes some natural stones, and unique coral reefs.
In addition to the spread of distinguished services on the edge of the beach, you can also swim next to colorful fish and do many marine sports.

Sharm El Sheikh beaches

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