Lebanon combines ancient history with charming nature that captures hearts and eyes, such as picturesque seas, magnificent valleys and towering mountains. It also includes archaeological and historical sites belonging to Romen and Byzantine civilizations such as the Beirut National Museum, Bacchus Temple, Sidon Castle, which are the most prominent tourist attractions in Lebanon that attract many tourists. From all countries of the world.

Top hotels in Lebanon

Not to mention Lebanon’s distinctive features of beauty and tourism, in addition to that it is the incubator of a large series of luxury hotels and resorts with charming views, and includes the most luxurious units equipped with the latest facilities and the finest services, and we will show you a list of the best hotels in Lebanon based on the assessments of previous Arab visitors .. read more

The streets of Lebanon

The most famous streets of Lebanon

One of the most beautiful things that distinguished the Arab France of Lebanon, along with its tourist attractions, its great history and the beauty of its breathtaking nature, as it incubates a large number of the most famous streets of Lebanon that include high-end shops, restaurants and wonderful cafes, and in the next article we will get to know the most important information about those streets.

Hamra Street

Hamra Street extends from east to west Beirut to connect between the center of the capital and Ras Beirut, and it is considered one of the most important streets in Lebanon, as it brings together different spectra of people and nationalities, as it includes many famous theaters and cafes that attracted major poets, in addition to luxurious restaurants that offer delicious Lebanese cuisine and luxury shops, so it has become one of the most vibrant streets that attract tourists in Lebanon.

The most famous streets of Lebanon

Madame Curie Street

One of the most famous streets of Lebanon, Madame Curie Street, is located in the capital, Beirut, and this name has been called in honor of Polish physicist Marie Curie.
The street includes many luxury shops and restaurants that offer the tastiest selection of famous foods in Lebanon, in addition to the finest hotels and cafes, as the street is an important destination for tourists coming to it.

Streets in Lebanon

Plus Street

The street is located in the Hamra area of ​​Ras Beirut, extending from Clemenceau Street in the east, to end with General Charles Street, which runs along the Mediterranean coast.
It is known as the Lebanese Heritage Street in relation to its historical and archaeological features, in addition to the various luxurious shops and wonderful cafes, as it is crowded with a group of fine restaurants and many libraries on the eastern side due to the presence of the American University in the western region in the street.

The best streets of Lebanon

Clemenceau Street

Clemenceau Street is located in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, near the Hamra Street, and it includes many medical centers, including the American University Medical Center, which contains the latest medical devices and clinics for all specialties. The street also has the most famous ancient historical buildings that are famous tourist attractions, and also includes many cafes, Various restaurants and shops.

The streets of Beirut

Mono Street in Lebanon

Mono Street is located in the eastern side in the center of the Lebanese capital Beirut in the Sodeco district in Ashrafieh, and it is one of the most famous streets of Lebanon where the street is characterized by pebbles lined in one direction in a wonderful way, as it includes many buildings and old houses, and there is a large group of the most luxurious restaurants and stores in Mono Street, In addition to a group of luxury hotels.

Beirut streets in Lebanon

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