Al Ain city is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Emirates because of its archaeological forts, museums and springs of well-known mineral water in hospitalization tourism, and its tourism brilliance has also strengthened its proximity to the Sultanate of Oman and included many natural and recreational attractions such as parks, game cities and popular and modern markets that provide fun and luxury the shopping.

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The best hotels in Al Ain

In addition to its tourist brilliance, Al Ain embraces a group of hotels that are considered one of the best hotels in the Emirates, as they enjoy stunning views and proximity to the most prominent landmarks and markets of Al Ain, in addition to the high-end services that they offer, see the opinions of visitors in the best hotels in Al Ain through this link .. Read more

Al Ain Markets

The best markets in Al Ain

In this article, we learn about the best markets in Al Ain with its two popular historical types and modern modern malls.

Old Al Ain Market

It is one of the oldest markets in Al Ain, where it includes many stores selling food such as vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, dates, honey, herbs, spices and other household necessities.
This is in addition to the departments of selling agricultural machinery and livestock equipment, various types of birds, grain and grains, traditional clothing, perfumes, handicrafts, and leather goods.
Al Ain Souk is located in the city center of Al Ain, 2.1 km from the National Museum, 2.7 from Al-Murabba Castle.

work hours

Daily, 24 hours.

Al Ain popular markets

Al-Zafarana Market

It is one of the largest and most famous markets in Al Ain. It offers the finest types of traditional women’s, men’s and children’s clothing along with Arabic coffee, incense, spices, henna and cosmetics.
Souq Al Zafarana is just steps away from the Al Jimi Mall.
work hours
Everyday from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm, except for Friday starts from 2:30 to 10:30 pm.

The best market in Al Ain

Al Jimi Mall

One of the oldest markets in Al Ain and the first commercial mall that was established in the city, as it dates back to the era of the eighties of the twentieth century, it began as a shopping center for vegetables, fruits and meat only, but now it has witnessed a great development and expansion so there are many local and international stores that buy all the needs, such as food, Cosmetics, perfumes, electronics and clothing are among the mall’s most prominent stores, including Carrefour, Centrepoint, and Home Center.
The mall also includes an entertainment city that includes many games that suit all age groups, in addition to many local and international restaurants and cafes .. Read more

    Al Ain markets with pictures

Al Ain Mall

Among the most famous markets in Al Ain for the multiplicity of shops in it, which numbered more than 175 stores, headed by Home Center and Paris Gallery, Al Ain Mall stores provide all needs, from foodstuffs to goldsmiths, through various international brands of women’s and men’s clothing, cosmetics Electronics and durable goods.
This is beside the international and local restaurants and cafes scattered around the mall, a full entertainment square that includes an amusement park and an international cinema .. Read more

Al Bawadi Mall

Al Bawadi Mall is the largest mall in Al Ain, with nearly 400 stores selling international and local brands, from women’s and men’s clothing to children, along with cosmetics and perfumes, leather goods, goldsmiths and accessories, souvenirs, carpets, electronic and home appliances, This is next to a special section for food.
The Bawadi Mall also includes a spacious lounge with numerous local and international restaurants and cafes, as well as a ski village, eight cinemas, and a bowling alley .. Read more

The most famous market in Al Ain

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