Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque is a mosque in the city of Fez, Morocco, and its first construction was started in Ramadan of the year 245 AH under the supervision of Al-Idrisi.
Fatima al-Fehriya, the mother of the boys, gave all her inheritance to build this mosque, and the princes and rulers expanded the mosque while preserving the general Andalusian problem.
The Zenith princes also expanded about 33,000 square meters, and after them the Almoravids made another expansion. The mosque was named after the villagers in relation to Kairouan, a Tunisian city.
The square silo, which is considered the oldest beacon in the Arab Maghreb, is still the most important feature of tourism in Morocco.

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The best activities you can do in the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fes

• When entering the mosque square, you can see seventeen gates of the mosque and two wings meeting at the ends of the courtyard that mediates the mosque.

Mosque of the villagers, Fez, Morocco
• When entering each suite you can see the wonderful ablution place built from alabaster, where it was designed in a wonderful artistic style, similar to the black courtyard of the Alhambra Palace in Andalusia.
• You can see the large chandelier that mediates and decorates the mosque. You can also see the qadi’s shrine, the spacious decorated mihrab, the bookcase, and the Qur’ans.

Mosque of the villagers in Fez, Morocco

• You can see the mosque’s domes decorated with arches and inscriptions with Quranic verses and supplications, as the mosque is characterized by Andalusian architecture.

Mosque of the villagers, one of the most important features of the city of Fez, Morocco
You can also see the multiple facilities and extras, such as chandeliers, sand hours, and others.

The best hotels near the mosque of the villagers in Fes

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Site of the al-Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez on the Google map

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