The charming German capital Berlin includes thousands of streets and different fields that abound in many international stores, and in many of the most wonderful tourist attractions in Germany, such as the Friedrichstrasse street, one of the most famous streets in Europe.
In this report, we review some of the streets of Berlin, Germany, which you must visit during your trip.

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Best hotels in Berlin

Berlin includes Germany’s best hotels in its various categories. There are five and four stars with different features and prices that meet all needs .. Read more

Germany Berlin hotels

The names of the famous Berlin streets

The streets of Berlin vary between tourist and commercial, and many of them have famous sights in which you can do various activities, including:

Friedrichstrasse Street

One of the most famous tourist streets of Berlin, its buildings are distinguished by an architectural design, and it includes many stores selling the best products of international brands.
It also includes several restaurants and cafes where you can sit and enjoy eating delicious dishes and sipping some cups of coffee or tea … Read more

The streets of Berlin

Arab Street Berlin

Anonymously named, this street includes the largest Arab community in Berlin spanning several kilometers from Arab cafes, restaurants and shops.
And these stores are characterized by low prices compared to the prices of the German market. Many European tourists also come to this street, wanting to get to know the Arab side of it closely … Read more

The streets of Berlin

Kurfürstendamm Street

Also called Kodam Street, it is one of the major commercial centers in the heart of Berlin, and this is not only a testament to the history of Berlin’s political and economic development throughout the ages.
It extends for three kilometers and includes shops of the most famous international brands and ancient historical buildings, which are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Berlin.

The streets of Berlin

Unter den Linden

Among the most famous tourist streets of Berlin, it is characterized by the beauty of nature, and you can walk around and enjoy shopping, as it houses a large number of famous shops such as the Upper Eastside department store complex, and also includes tourist places such as the newly built Berlin Palace.

The streets of Berlin

Alexander Square

“It is hard to need something and you cannot find it in Alexander,” the Germans say. It is one of the most important business fields in Berlin, with a very large collection of shops and shopping centers. You can buy the best gifts and clothes from this large square.

The streets of Berlin

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