Tourism in Istanbul is a wonderful experience that millions of tourists from all over the world are keen for throughout the year. The city provides shopping options such as malls and popular bazaars, entertainment such as Istanbul theme parks and clubs, in addition to the water city in Istanbul, which in turn provides water games in Istanbul unparalleled in the rest Turkey.

In addition to the above, the city possesses many natural ingredients such as its charming views of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus Strait, with the spread of the islands of Istanbul on its coasts, in addition to entertainment places in Istanbul and tourist places in Istanbul for young people and children that are not matched elsewhere in the Middle East.

Best hotels in Istanbul

With the help of the following link, you will find a large number of Turkey hotels in Istanbul that differ in their location, prices and services provided .. Read more

Istanbul's water city

The best water park in Istanbul

Istanbul is very interested in the tourist aspect, as it witnesses a large number of recreational facilities of various types and functions that they perform for visitors and tourists.

We have dedicated this report to preparing a list that includes the five best water cities in Istanbul suitable for spending a fun day accompanied by family or friends, for you to choose from among them the water city in Istanbul that you like.

Aqua Marina Istanbul

Aqua Marina Istanbul Water Park is one of the largest water parks in Istanbul, with many fun games, shopping options, restaurants and more … Read more

Water games in Istanbul

Aqua Dolphin Istanbul

This huge water park has a number of the best water games in Istanbul such as inflatable boats, infinity pools, picnic areas and other attractions that distinguish Aqua Dolphin, the water park in Istanbul .. Read more

Water city in Istanbul

Via Land Istanbul

It is one of the most famous and largest entertainment parks in general and water park in Istanbul in particular, Via Land Istanbul owns a variety of games in addition to the water city in Istanbul that includes the coolest water games in Istanbul .. Read more

Istanbul Water Park

The city of Grand Aqua Marine

It is one of the best water parks in Istanbul and can accommodate more than 3000 people. It owns a water city in Istanbul and a group of Olympic swimming pools that are suitable for sports races and not just entertainment.

The park also provides a large number of giant giant slides and other games for young guests, in addition to animation and music shows, photography services, restaurants and others, which is a great option that represents Istanbul’s best water city for the family.

times of work

All days of the week from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Water park in Istanbul

Vyasi Water Park Istanbul

The water games city in Istanbul is considered as a large number of entertainment centers, the most important of which is a giant fish tank that allows to see the diverse marine life and amazing colorful creatures in addition to the ability to participate in feeding and caressing it, and the water city in Istanbul is the best of its kind.

Next to the foregoing there is an amusement park and exciting electric games such as the death train and the giant waterwalk. The city also offers extensive green areas, many shopping options, playgrounds and restaurants.

times of work

From Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Monday closed.

Istanbul water park - Istanbul water games city

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