The German countryside is a land that breathes beauty, and the magic resides in its surroundings. You will enjoy an unforgettable tour between its amazing views and its calm atmosphere, surrounded by an ice-covered alpine chain that permeates these vast green areas. All this beauty meets between the most beautiful cities of the German countryside to weave a living painting From the magic of nature.
The German countryside is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations in Germany, which attracts many tourists from different countries of the world, to enjoy all its unique nature, recreational places, and various markets, along with its tourist attractions, archaeological sites and a wide range of enjoyable activities between skiing, climbing Steep mountain peaks, exciting water sports, all this and more in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

Best hotels in Germany

The German countryside has a distinguished selection of hotels that are satisfactorily varied, and are located near the most important tourist attractions.

The most beautiful rural cities of Germany

The most beautiful rural cities of Germany

On a fun tour between the amazing German countryside, the spot that God loved for all the ingredients of beauty and magic, we gathered a wonderful group of the most beautiful rural cities in Germany, to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Garmish Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the most beautiful German countryside city, and one of the busiest destinations throughout the year in the Bavarian Alps, located at the base of high mountains, and is known as a winter sports resort, and is famous for hosting the 1936 Winter Olympics, alongside the International Alpine Ski Championship in 1978 and 2011.
In the summer, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is crowded with the sound of hiking feet, skiing with stunning views between the green plains and the high mountains that fly over its peaks. Seven cable cars travel between its charming parts. You cannot miss visiting the caves and glaciers, horseback riding, and mountain rides And, in an interesting experience from the top of the mountain Oesterfieldkov, enjoy the panoramic view through the 13-meter bridge over the cliff.

The most beautiful German countryside cities
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The city of Schongau

Schungau means the land of pelicans, one of the most magnificent cities in the countryside of Germany, is a village in Bavaria in southern Germany at the foot of the mountains, and proud of being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Germany, Schungau is characterized by wonderful landscapes surrounded by lakes and mountains, and is the gateway to the castle of stories The grand fairy Neuschwanstein.
Schungau is famous for its lake for sailing, fishing, and swimming in summer, while in winter it turns into a stunning ski slope, the mountains have ski slopes, the Tijelberg kitesurfing area since the 1970s, and a sunshades and cable car area that has earned Germany a reputation for adventure sports, will be enjoyed at the most enjoyable times During your visit to this city.

Germany's countryside

Vossen city

Vossen is one of the most important cities in the countryside of Germany, which is famous for the vast green areas surrounded by mountains, lakes, with a wonderful network of paths for cyclists, mountain biking, as well as opportunities for water sports, winter activities, and in the summer can enjoy the best views Vossen’s stunning skyline.
As for the historic center of Fossen with its Baroque sweeper, Gothic houses, and the medieval city wall, next to the Bavarian Kings Museum, the Municipal Museum in the Monastery of Saint Mang, and the high palace of Hoheus Schloss, the hiking in the city center dating back 700 years is fun Real, there are plenty of shopping spots, many great places, all this and more in Fossen, the closest neighbor to Schongau.

Germany's countryside

The city of Tegernsee

One of the best cities in the German countryside, located on the shore of the wonderful Tegernsee lake in southern Bavaria, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Germany, so it is very popular all over the country, and attracts thousands of tourists, because of its stunning views and the beauty of nature, surrounded by beautiful beaches The valleys and mountains. The beauty of the city lies in the winter between trees and mountains covered in ice. Recreational activities such as skiing can be practiced.
You can see all parts of the city through the church on top of a mountain and the tower. It also includes the Olaf Gulper Anson Museum, Benedictine Abbey Abbey, and Tegernsee Lake which offers many activities including swimming, sailing on yachts, rowing boats, water skiing, and you can not miss. The stunning Bad Toolz ride.

German countryside

The city of Rudesheim am Rhein

It is the most beautiful German countryside city, which provides beautiful picnics through its mountains, wonderful views of the dazzling Rhine Valley, along with the extensive vineyards, and this city is rich with cultural and historical background, which makes it one of the most exciting places to visit in the country, offering them many Fun activities.
The town of Rüdesheim am Rhein includes a wonderful array of attractions, such as the scenic Niederwald Park overlooking the picturesque Rhine Valley which includes the famous Niederwald monument dating back to the year 1870 AD, and Drosselgasse Street is the heart of the charming old town pebbled, and full of historic buildings, next to restaurants and shops The commercial, next to the impressive archaeological castle of Bromsburg, is a world cruise castle.

The most beautiful cities in rural Germany

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