There is no doubt that Alexandria is the most important coastal city in Egypt, as it hosts a spacious beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and it also includes a huge number of the most important archaeological and entertainment monuments in Egypt.

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Best hotels in Alexandria

The city of Alexandria includes a large number of hotels and resorts that provide the finest rooms and suites, especially since there are many of these hotels overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Alexandria

The best gardens of Alexandria

One of Alexandria’s distinctive recreational landmarks is the gardens, as it includes a large number of diverse and specialized gardens, some of which overlook the magnificent Mediterranean coast.

Alexandria Zoo

Alexanderia Zoo is one of Alexandria’s most famous specialized gardens and it is the second largest zoo in Egypt, and the park includes a large number of mammals, reptiles and birds that were brought in from various regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Alexandria Zoo offers many activities for its visitors such as the animal feeding experience, and it also contains a wonderful rose garden that visitors can use to relax and recuperate .. Read more

The best gardens of Alexandria

Waterfalls Gardens

Shallalat Gardens is one of the largest parks in Alexandria, and it is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Alexandria, the Latin Quarter. Waterfalls gardens include vast areas of greenery and trees, as well as some rare types of roses, in addition to lakes and water channels that spread across the park. The park also includes some of the monuments, the most important of which are the towers and wall of Alexandria.
times of work
From Saturday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.
Free admission

A group of the best Alexandria gardens

Montazah Gardens

Montazah Gardens Montazah Gardens are the most important and most famous of Alexandria’s gardens. They are located near Montazah Beach and the famous Montazah Palace. Al-Montazah Gardens include wide areas of greenery, in addition to many types of trees, including ancient trees, in addition to a wide variety of exquisite roses. Montazah Gardens is one of the first tourist destinations in Alexandria.
Everyday from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the evening.
Entry prices
25 pounds

Al-Montazah Park is one of the coolest gardens in Alexandria

Antoniadis Gardens

Antonias Gardens Palais d’Antoniadis is the oldest garden in Alexandria, where some historians trace its origins back to the Ptolemaic period. In the Antoniadis Gardens there are a number of important landmarks such as the famous Antoniadis Palace and some statues of famous personalities such as Christopher Columbus.

Antoniadis Gardens is one of the oldest and most beautiful gardens of Alexandria

Alexandria International Park

International Garden Alexandria is one of the relatively well-known and modern Alexandria gardens, the park is located near the promenade airport and contains green spaces decorated with trees and roses, along with a number of fun games including water games, and a number of restaurants spread across the park, all of these Things make the park a complete picnic.
Everyday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The International Park is one of the famous Alexandria Gardens

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