Berlin, the charming city, brings millions of tourists every year to visit its many landmarks. It includes the best tourist attractions in Germany, such as museums such as Pergamon Museum, tourist attractions, and even ancient streets with history such as Friedrichstrasse. Below we show the best Berlin parks and Berlin Zoo for the recommended animal to visit.

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Best hotels in Berlin

The capital Berlin includes a large number of hotels, which are among the best hotels in Germany classified in multiple categories, including 5-star and 4-star, in addition to that they have received several positive reviews by guests who have tried to stay in these hotels and repeat this several times … Read More

Berlin Gardens

The best parks in Berlin

There are dozens of parks and gardens in Berlin, about which you may need to write thousands of lines and words, so we have selected the best and show it below.

Treptower Berlin

This garden is wide, as you can see for long distances from the greenness that relaxes the soul, in a wonderful atmosphere in which the breeze blows in the wind.
TripTower operates 7 days a week, and everyone is allowed free access without paying any fee. Within the park, multiple activities can be performed, such as hiking between green spaces, playing and breathing fresh air … Read more

Berlin Gardens

Tiergarten Berlin

This large park dates back to 1527 AD and has an area of ​​210 hectares, so it is the third largest park in Germany.
It has a large zoo, and it is surrounded by a clear lake that freezes in the winter to allow tourists to ski … Read more

Berlin Gardens

Berlin Zoo

The first zoo in Germany in terms of construction, it was built by King Frederick William III in the mid-nineteenth century for his obsession and passion for animals.
Each year, 3 million visitors come from all over the world, to see about 17,000 different species of animals in them …. read more

Berlin Gardens

Berlin public park

One of the distinctive Berlin gardens, located in the city center, overlooking a river that swims with different types of birds such as ducks and swans.
Inside the garden there are spacious green areas, flowers cover the place in bright colors, and there are paths for hiking and cycling.

Berlin Gardens

World Gardens – Gerten der Welt

Gerten der Welt is located or as it is called the Gardens of the World in the Marxan district of Berlin, which is an essential part of the gardens of the International Exhibition IGA, and is one of the best parks in Berlin.
Inside the park, visitors can enjoy wandering around the various worlds of eastern, Japanese, and Chinese gardens and seeing the wonderful plants imported from these countries.

Berlin Gardens

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