Croatia is famous as a country of tourist islands, as there are more than 1000 tourist islands on its coasts varying in shape and size, ranging from a small rocky outcrop in the water supply to some of the largest islands in the world. Despite the number of tourist islands in Croatia, each of them has an independent personality, including what it contains. Of the monuments and distinctive natural landscapes so that the tourists can move from one island to another without getting bored.

The most beautiful tourist islands in Croatia


Rap Island

Rab Island is located north of the Croatian coast, and it is one of the most abundant islands in the plant wealth that includes all kinds of plants that grow in this region and some other species brought from abroad. One of the most famous tourist attractions on the island of Rab is the Com Car Park That contains infinite numbers of plants and trees, the most famous of which is the “American Cactus” that is more than 100 years old!mljet_7

Malgate Island

There is no doubt that Mljet is the greenest island among the group of tourist islands of Croatia, where forests cover large areas of the island, while the rest of the parts are fields, farms and villages for farmers. One of the things that must be visited on the island of Malgate is the two salty lakes, which are located at the end of the island’s western end, where there are small islands in the middle of these two lakes, which also have some historical buildings.tauchbasis-tauchen-kroatien-cres_2

Chris Island

The Croatian island “Cres” is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic and differs from the rest of the Croatian islands by their rocky nature and many hills in them, so that all of their beaches are pebble unusually. Which constitutes a natural phenomenon not only in Croatia but also in all of Eastern Europe, where it is one of the most profound renewable freshwater lakes.isola-di-brac-croazia-splitska

Brac Island

Brac Island is one of the large islands between the tourist islands of Croatia and is famous for its secluded bays, clear waters and clean beaches. Brac Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia because of its various attractions such as “Dragon Cave” at the southern end of the island, the museum On the island, Mount Vedova Gora is one of the highest mountains in the region. One of the most famous tourist activities on the island of Brac is diving and snorkeling.korcula1

Korشula Island

“Korcula” island is the most popular island among the tourist islands of Croatia due to the capital of the island of the same name and is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Croatia. The city of “Korcula” includes many historical buildings and monuments, the most famous of which is the monumental building “San Marco” Built in the style of architecture in the Gothic Renaissance and completed in the fifteenth century AD, a tourist can move between the tourist islands of Croatia for days without feeling that he repeats the sights and places, each island has nature, composition and different sights.

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