The state of Guelma is a jewel in the crown of empires. Between its lofty elevations that touch the clouds, its green plains, and amazing febrile mineral springs, the tourist finds himself among a legend that breathes the beauty and charm of nature. The city lies at a height of 290 meters above sea level, overlooking the foothills of the Mauna Mountains, Debeg Hawara, and the Sebus River runs in its heart to add to its amazing luster.
Tourism Guelma also possesses a unique taste, with its unique Romen ruins, among a large number of tourist archeological sites, historical attractions, and landmarks that bear witness to the ancient past of this region, as it has become the focus of attention of tourists who come to Guelma as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Algeria.

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Dabbagh bathroom “Masakhit”

The Hammam Dabbagh is a natural museum that is beautiful and charming, with amazing views between mountainous terrain and green plains, and water drop from a great height. It also ranks second in the world after the volcanoes of Iceland, and it has one of the most famous waterfalls, and is ranked internationally among the most beautiful waterfalls the world.
The area of ​​the bathroom is approximately 96 km, and it is a national tourist destination with distinction, because of the wonderful views it contains, you will have a wonderful time during your visit to the Dabbagh Bath for recreation and relaxation when your body is immersed in one of the thermal mineral water basins with distinctive characteristics, in a unique and unforgettable experience. .

Guelma city

Romen Theater

The Romen theater mimics the nobility of that city. It is considered an artistic masterpiece in its architecture and rare statues, as it is one of the most important landmarks of tourism in Guelma. Its construction dates back to the Romen era from the rule of the country in the years between 193 and 211 AD, and it consists of four layers to sit spectators as it accommodates 500 A person, two tunnels with amazing design and decorations, and many famous Algerian and Arab singers on the stage.

Guelma Province

Romen Museum

One of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Guelma with its history and originality, as the museum includes among its collection a collection of holdings that bear a lot of the history of the country, among them famous Romen sculptures such as the statue of Venus, the icon of beauty and love, the statue of Hercules, pots, and many others in this rich and rich place The beauty and splendor of civilization.

Guelma, Algeria

Mount Mauna National Park

One of the huge tourist attractions in the state of Guelma, which is a mountain with a height of about five hundred meters, the city is located on its summit and overlooks stunning landscapes, and is one of the most important areas that families and tourists alike resort to. In summer, they enjoy the breezes of cold mountain air, forests Dense and varied, and they can camp in it, and hold barbecues, while in winter it is covered in ice to look more beautiful and drawn by the snow scattered throughout it, as are the spread of febrile baths, perhaps the most important of which is the noble bath, and the birth of Ali, and the second hottest bath in the world which is the famous tanning bath.

Tourism in Guelma

The ancient mosque

A beautiful engineering masterpiece and an archaeological landmark in the depths of history. The ancient mosque located in the heart of the city is one of the most prominent historical sites among the tourist attractions in Guelma. It is distinguished by its unique design that blends beauty and simplicity, and combines the Ottoman and French periods, and was perhaps the only mosque in the city before Almost 160 years old, as it was built in 1852 AD.
The mosque has several gates leading to the streets of the old city, and it has a minaret of medium height and it is the smallest minaret in the city, but it is unique in its distinctive engineering design, surrounded by multiple domes, and the area of ​​the ancient mosque is about 100 square meters, so you cannot miss this unique landmark.

Tourism in the city of Guelma

The ancient city of Tepeles

The ancient city of Teplis is a thriving ancient history, which is located in the municipality of Ain Makhlouf, and one of the most important archaeological sites to attract tourists, as it includes the remains of a complete city dating to the Romen period, and the city’s holdings are Romen stones, pottery apartments, and a funerary monument with Latin inscriptions, converted into the museum The Romen city of Guelma, and there are 3 archaeological sites of great historical importance.

Tourism in Guelma Province

A group of Baqlima

A rare tourist masterpiece dating back to before BC, in the heart of Jabal Tayeh in the municipality of Bouhamdan, there is this strange cave, which is the most magnificent tourist area in Guelma and the strangest, thanks to the stunning scenery and strange mysteries that remained buried throughout the ages of BC, and were the largest witness symbols The presence of the Romens in the region, as it was in the year 210 AD a temple for them, between the magic of the place and its historical and tourist value aroused the curiosity of the French who gave him the utmost care and attention, which made him a destination for many visitors to the city.

Tourism Guelma

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