Al Shallal Park in Taif is considered one of the most important recreational places and one of the most beautiful attractions of Taif in Saudi Arabia, as it includes many games that suit all ages, attracting visitors from all over the Kingdom, along with other recreational facilities such as restaurants and green spaces.

Al-Shallal Park in Taif

Activities you can do in Al Shallal Park in Taif

• Families and friends can enjoy spending a fun time in the spacious amusement park equipped with the best modern high-security electric games that convey the element of excitement and excitement to visitors.

Al Shallal Park in Taif

• You can spend the best times enjoying the sessions in the green spaces of the park, amid nature and the outdoors.

Al Shallal Park in Saudi Taif

• You can also get distinctive meals from one of the restaurants scattered in the village near the park, where fast food restaurants are popular with children and adults alike, and there are ice cream shops that children love and make them feel happy.

Al-Shallal Park Taif in Saudi Arabia

• You can enjoy parties at Al Shallal Park in Taif where children sing, dance and take memorial photos that always remind you of the best times.

Al Shallal Park in Taif, Saudi Arabia

• The family can enjoy shopping, as the park is located near the marketing tent that includes many local products, and they can also buy souvenirs.

Al-Shallal Park in Taif

• It is distinctive that you can enjoy barbecuing with the family while children play in the garden and spend a time full of joy in the waterfall park in Taif

Al Shallal Park, Taif

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The best hotels near Al Shallal Park in Taif

Tulip Inn Taif Hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Taif, 5.8 km from the park site.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel was rated satisfactory in terms of location, comfort, tranquility, and staff.
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Sadeem Al Fajr Hotel Apartments is one of the best 4-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, Taif, as it is 6.8 km from Al Shallal Park in Taif.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated excellent for location, room size, comfort and tranquility.
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Al Shallal Park site in Taif

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