A landmark of England in Blackpool is the Blackpool Tower, which is designed in the style of the French Eiffel Tower. The Blackpool Tower opened in 1894 and is 158 meters long
It is now an important tourist attraction in the city, especially since the tower is surrounded by a number of attractions such as the circus and dance hall, as it is located near Blackpool Beach, which increases the opportunity for tourists to visit.

Blackpool Tower

Things to do at Blackpool Tower

• Before you begin your journey to the top of the Blackpool Tower, you will first see a documentary on the history of the tower and other information about it in the 3D technology.

Blackpool Tower

• Now your journey will start at an altitude of 380 feet, where you will be able to see the city of Blackpool from the top with a view of the seashore through the glass cabin, and it is interesting that you will be able to see what is under your feet through the glass, making you feel as if you are flying in the sky.

Blackpool Tower

• Besides the Blackpool Tower, there is the famous Blackpool Tower circus, which made its first show in nearly two hundred years, and still attracts a large number of tourists annually, so you should spend an enjoyable night with an offer from this circus.

Blackpool Tower

• You can also pass the dance hall, which dates back to 1894, so it carries a special style and great decorations and drawings on its walls, and in this hall you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the tones of English music.

Blackpool Tower

• For a totally different experience, you can visit the cellar of the Blackpool Tower, which will take you back in time to the ages of darkness in Europe through decorations, influences and actors who perform specific roles to put you completely in this ancient era, a fun and frightening experience at the same time.

Blackpool Tower

For children, next to the Blackpool Tower, there is their own play area with a number of slides, swings, and other games on a distinctive decoration of the Lost City.

Blackpool Tower


Varies according to the timing of the year.

Entry prices:

For adults 10.50 euros.
For children 8 euros.

Hotels near Blackpool Tower

Number One South Beach, a 5-star hotel in England, Blackpool is 3.5 meters from Blackpool Tower.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel:
Most visitors rated it excellent for cleanliness, comfort and staff.
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Hilton Blackpool, a 5-star Blackpool hotel, is 1.5 km from the tower.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel:
Most of the Arab visitors gave him a very good evaluation of the location and view.
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Blackpool Tower site

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