The National Museum of Kazakhstan was opened in 2014, within the framework of the Kazakhstan Cultural Heritage Program, which aims to preserve the country’s heritage.
The museum is located on Independence Square in Astana, the country’s main square, to blend in harmony with a range of tourism attractions in Kazakhstan such as the Kazakhstan Monument.
The museum site also includes the Independence Palace and the Peace Palace, as well as the Sultan Sultan Mosque and the National University of Art. The building is designed as a unique masterpiece, and is considered one of the largest museums, covering an area of ​​74,000 square meters.
The building consists of nine floors spread over seven buildings of varying floors, which includes several halls highlighting the country’s history, along with modern art.

Activities you can do

• From the outset you can enjoy watching the building from the outside, as it is a distinguished landmark of modern architecture, and its front yard includes a fountain with amazing sculptures.

Patio Fountain of the National Museum of Kazakhstan Building in Astana

• When you are inside the building, remember to raise your head to see the hanging golden eagle bird, which is topped with a sphere embodying the sun.

Anthropomorphic punishment at the Kazakhstan National Museum in Astana

• Then start your tour in the museum’s many halls, such as the Independent Hall of Kazakhstan and the Gold Hall, to the Hall of History and Ethnography.

Ethnography hall of the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana

• You must pass through the halls of modern art, where you will find many amazing sculptures that link the present and the future with the ancient history of the country.

Modern Art Hall of the Kazakhstan National Museum in Astana

• As for your children a share of amazement and fun, as the building houses a museum and art center for children, in addition to the luminous cylindrical corridor.

Cylindrical Corridor at the Kazakhstan National Museum in Astana

• Do not forget to visit the Astana Hall, where you will find the entire city displayed in miniature form, along with figures of all its features separately.

Astana Hall at the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana

Entry prices

Entry tickets are 1500 Kazakhstani ting, equivalent to $ 4.5.
Take pictures of 500 Kazakh ting, equivalent to 1.5 USD.
Tour 2000 Kazakhstan Ting, equivalent to 6 USD.

work hours

Daily from 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening, except for Monday, the museum’s weekly holiday and last Friday of every month.
For more information about visiting times and the prices of variable entry cards, you can visit the official website of the museum from here

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Kazakhstan National Museum website

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