The CN Tower is one of the most prominent and tallest towers in the world with a height of 550 m, located in the heart of Toronto, its construction was completed in 1973 and set a world record as the tallest tower in the world until 2009 before the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai .

CN Tower in Toronto

It is now the third tallest tower in the world, which made it one of the most important tourist attractions in Canada and an important tourist destination crowded with locals and foreigners, as the number of visitors reaches about two million visitors annually.
It is one of the most important symbols of the Canadian city of Toronto, where the CN Tower adds to the Canadian capital Toronto, its special nature, with lighting that fills the city sides. That you can do when you visit this charming city.

CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower is an essential building for all national, charitable and social events that pass through the country, in addition to being a wonderful shopping center and a large number of gift shops, restaurants, cinemas, cafes and others.

Things to do

• Walk around the tower and get to know one of the most famous tourist attractions in Toronto and see its unique architectural style, go up and enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the charming city and enjoy seeing other city landmarks from a rare angle.

CN Tower in Toronto

• Those who manage the tower provide the possibility to walk on the edge for high altitude enthusiasts and those looking for excitement and pleasure, which is the highest place in the world that offers free walking, where visitors are linked to the iron wire system, and they are left to wander around the edge of the main tower specifically above the 360 ​​restaurant.

CN Tower in Toronto

• The tower contains a number of cinemas that offer films with advanced technology, you can take your friends to watch a movie in the CN Tower, which would bring you and them a lot of fun and fun.
• You can visit one of the wonderful parks near the tower and enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and hiking and enjoy watching the tower in front of you. You will love the intimate times that you will spend with your children playing ball or ice cream and cycling.

CN Tower in Toronto

• Cafes and food spread throughout the tower. You can sit inside the tower and enjoy a delicious meal or sip a cup of delicious coffee and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere. Also, buy the most beautiful wonderful souvenirs such as the famous pieces of wood in the shape of the famous tower and the wonderful leather bags from the shops inside.

CN Tower in Toronto

• Memorabilia is extremely important when you visit one of the tallest constellations around the world. You must record your historical moments and enjoy watching the entire city of Toronto above the tower in memorial photos in order to remain stuck in the minds forever.

CN Tower of Toronto

work hours

All days of the week from 8.30 in the morning until 10:30 in the evening.

Prices for entry tickets

Adults 48 Canadian dollars.
Children $ 38 CAD.
For more information about visiting times and the prices of variable entry cards, you can visit the official website of the tower. from here

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CN Tower Toronto website

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