The Dubai Aquarium Zoo is home to the most diverse group of marine animals in the world, with 33,000 marine creatures and about 400 sharks.
The Dubai Aquarium is located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. It is one of the most important tourist places in Dubai
The Dubai Aquarium provides an amazing opportunity to roam with a viewing angle of 270 degrees, in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the most wonderful marine creatures on the planet. Dubai Aquarium is one of the most important places of tourism in the Emirates Dubai.

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The best activities you can do in the Dubai Aquarium

• You can see the rainforests, as well as the rocky beaches and the ocean world, and each group of them is characterized by different types of aquatic animals, including sharks, penguins, crocodiles, piranhas, giant spider crabs, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish, dolphins and many others.

Dubai Aquarium is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai. Emirates - the Aquarium in Dubai
• As for diving lovers, you can dive into a section dedicated to feeding small fish and swimming in between, it is a truly unforgettable experience!

Dubai Aquarium is one of the most wonderful tourist places in Dubai, Emirates

• You can also see the periodic lighting system that works according to the moon’s cycle to change the basin lighting according to the time of the day.
• You can also spend a fun and beautiful day with your children at the Dubai Aquarium, watch these aquatic animals and take the most beautiful pictures in the Dubai Aquarium.

The Aquarium in Dubai in the UAE is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Dubai - Tickets for the Dubai Mall Aquarium

• There are also many dance performances of underwater mermaids in Dubai, where you can enjoy watching unparalleled performances.

Dubai Aquarium The largest aquarium in the world - Dubai Aquarium
• After completing your tour of the Dubai Aquarium, you can visit Burj Khalifa, which is a short walk away

The view of the Burj Khalifa in the Emirate of Dubai, the highest tower in the world

The times of a fish tank in Dubai

The Dubai Aquarium is available for visiting all days of the week from 10:00 AM until 23:00 PM.

Tickets for the Dubai Mall Aquarium

To pre-book and view the prices of the Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets, or to obtain more information about the Aquarium in Dubai, you can visit the official website ..from here

The best hotels near the Aquarium in Dubai

The Address Dubai Mall is a 5-star hotel, with a great rating among the best Dubai hotels, as it is in direct contact with the Dubai Mall and the Aquarium in Dubai.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has received great reviews about location, view, hygiene, staff, services.
Hotel reservation
The Address Boulevard Hotel is a 5-star rating, with an excellent rating among the best Dubai hotels. A few steps on foot from the Dubai Aquarium.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got excellent reviews in all respects.
Hotel reservation

Dubai Aquarium location on Google map

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