Gardens of Europe is located in the city of Annecy and is one of the most important tourist places in France, and it is characterized by its vast spaces that suit lovers of hiking amid the picturesque nature.
The aesthetic of the gardens is further enhanced by the banks of Lake Anse, which overlooks it, and it has been added to the general inventory of French cultural heritage.
The gardens were built in 1863 AD, but the construction dates back to the 16th century, when it was built as a buffer zone during the plague epidemic.
Due to its location that fits nicely with the name, Europe was named after the place at the end of the last century.
The gardens currently include about 600 trees, many types of plants, special places for picnics, and a number of stone and botanical statues.

Europe Gardens in Annecy

The best activities when visiting the European parks in Annecy

• You can take a walking tour inside the park, so you can enjoy its picturesque nature and take many memorial photos for you and your children.

Europe's gardens are among the most beautiful tourist sites in Annecy

• You can also take a family picnic with you and your children in one of the picnic areas around the place, where your children will enjoy a lot of play.

Europe's gardens are one of the best parks in France

• The gardens include many unique trees and plants, as well as some amazing fountains and statues that deserve to take some pictures of them.

Europe's gardens are one of the best tourist places in Annecy

• Don’t forget to sit back and relax on one of the chairs overlooking the picturesque Lake Anse, as part of the gardens is located on its banks.

Europe's gardens are one of the best tourist places in France, forget

• Do not forget to take many pictures of the solar clock located on the Napoleon III pier, which dates back to the early 19th century.

Solar clock in the gardens of Europe

• Give your children more fun with the wheel of wheels in the gardens and the children’s playground located on the opposite side of the lake, which includes many games.

Children's playground in the gardens of Europe

Annecy Europe Gardens Hotels – Annecy

It is a 5-star hotel in Annecy with excellent ratings, 600 meters from the European Gardens in Annecy
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The location is excellent with stunning views of Lake Annecy, the rooms are comfortable.
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Mercure Annecy Center is a 4-star hotel in France, Annecy with good reviews, and it is 800 meters from the European Gardens in Annecy
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The location is excellent, breakfast is normal, some visitors complained about the small size of the rooms and the poor handling of the staff.
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Europe Gardens site in Annecy

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