Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest and most ancient zoos in the world, it was founded in 1864 and since that time large numbers of animals have been added periodically to become the largest zoo in Russia.
The park is located a few steps from the “Barikadnaya” metro station, as it is easily accessible from most areas of Moscow
When the park was created, more than 134 species of pets, 153 wild animals, birds, and 7 species of reptiles were brought in, all for the purpose of introducing the Russian people to the most famous animals that spread in the country. The zoo is one of the most popular tourist places in Russia

Moscow Zoo is one of the best places for tourism in Moscow

The best activities in the Moscow Zoo

• The garden is large and contains large green areas full of plants and flowers, and a large number of seating areas are attached to it, which provides visitors with a pleasant visit. You can use one of them and enjoy some calm and relaxation in the fresh air.

Moscow Zoo is one of the most famous tourist places in Russia

• In the company of your children and friends, you can walk around the park, get to know the animals and their native environments and the most important information about their nature inside the cages or outside and view them closely

Moscow Zoo is one of the best tourist places in Moscow

• Lovers of birds and geese, you can sit in front of the beautiful lake on one of the benches in front of it and contemplate the birds and the geese while they are immersed in them. You can buy pets, feed them and caress them.

Moscow Zoo is one of the best tourist places in Moscow, Russia

• To increase your fun and joy, you can attend beautiful artistic performances of animals such as dolphins and monkeys. Your children will love these shows a lot and they can shake hands and touch dolphins.

Moscow Zoo

• You can also buy a cup of delicious coffee and enjoy a drink during your exciting tour of the Moscow Zoo, or taste delicious local sweets.

Moscow Zoo

• You must make sure to bring a good camera with which you take beautiful photos of animals and trees and also take a memorial photo with your friends that you keep forever

Moscow Zoo

work hours

All days of the week from 10:00 AM until 19:00 PM.

Moscow Zoo Hotels – Moscow

Veli Mukovaya Hotel Moscow is a 3-star hotel, located 2.3 km from the Moscow Zoo site
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Overall great hotel reviews.
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Four Seasons Hotel Moscow is one of the best 5-star Moscow hotels, 2.6 km from the Moscow Zoo site
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The hotel received excellent reviews for both location, cleanliness, staff, services, and comfort.
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Moscow Zoo website

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