The amusement park in Algiers is one of the most important tourist places in Algeria, and the most famous public park in the city of Algiers.
It is intended for hundreds of visitors and families to entertain and spend enjoyable times. In addition to the wide green spaces, it includes a section that includes various animal shapes and many other games and recreational facilities.

The amusement park in Algiers

The 6 best things to do in the National Amusement Park in Ben Aknoun

• You can spend the best wonderful times with friends and family and enjoy watching many different types of animals such as gazelle, camels and birds and take memorial photos with it.
• You can sit back and enjoy the beauty of green spaces or walk in the middle of a long road surrounded by green trees on both banks.
• There are spaces for children that include a wide range of fun and entertaining games suitable for young and old, such as the ship game, the game of cup and the big wheel game.

The amusement park is one of the most beautiful places for tourism in Algiers

• We advise you to take an exciting exploratory tour inside the park to get to know its different sections and entrances, where there is a section dedicated to the favorite fun and entertaining games for youngsters and a section that includes a large group of wild animals.
• It is a good idea to use the air lift, which is the preferred means of transportation for tourists, to enjoy the beauty of green spaces and trees and to take pictures of the park from above.
• There are many restaurants and cafes located near the park, where you can sit and eat delicious dishes and various dishes.

Entrance prices to the amusement park in Algiers

The adult fare is 200 dinars.
The ticket price for the young class is 100 Algerian dinars.

The times to visit the amusement park in Algiers

The park is available for visiting all days of the week from 10:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening.

Hotels in Algiers near the National Amusement Park, Ben Aknoun

Hani Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Algeria, located 21 km from the amusement park in Algiers
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
This hotel was rated very good for staff, cleanliness and location.
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The Jardi Hotel is the best 4-star hotel in Algiers and is approximately 24 km from the National Amusement Park.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
This hotel has a very good rating in terms of free Wi-Fi and great views.
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The location of the amusement park in Algiers on the map

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