Seven Wells Waterfall is the most famous and beautiful of the Langkawi waterfalls and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Malaysia, located in the northwest of the island, and the wells are fresh water springs that tell other pools 90 meters away.
The Langkawi waterfalls formed in this region over millions of years through the accumulation and slump of rain water to the seventh basin at an altitude of 90 meters.
The upper part is a slope and is considered unsafe due to rocky slides. The lower part is the main place for the public to swim and stroll with their families. It includes some pools that appear as natural swimming pools, especially in the rainy season.
These waterfalls in the middle of forests and tropical trees are almost indistinguishable from the top in the Langkawi Cable Car or the Hanging Bridge Langkawi Sky Bridge

Waterfalls of the seven wells of Langkawi

Activities you can do:

• You can climb mountains to the top of the waterfalls and enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature, and you will find on your way a lot of long-tailed monkeys, squirrels, and some types of birds

Waterfalls of the seven wells

Take a cable car ride and enjoy the most beautiful scenes of wells and forests together. From above, you will love this experience

Waterfalls of the seven wells in Langkawi

• Take the most beautiful photos and short videos in the place especially on the top of the small suspension bridge as a reminder of your visit here

The waterfalls of the seven wells are among the most beautiful tourist places in Langkawi

• Swimming in the fresh water springs surrounding the waterfalls at the slopes of small waterfalls, its rocks are soft due to the strength of the current so it is suitable and safe for children

The waterfall of the seven wells is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Langkawi

• You can take a car or bike to take you to some shops and markets near the waterfalls to bring some drinks, clothes, food and various needs.

Waterfalls of the seven wells on the island of Langkawi

• Camping on the sides of or near the waterfalls, it is not allowed to establish hotels in the place because it is like a nature reserve, where you can have a poetic session in the nature and animals such as deer, peacocks, hedgehogs and squirrels.

Waterfalls of the seven wells

Hotels near Seven Wells Falls

The Dana Langkawi Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Malaysia, Langkawi is a 5-minute drive from Langkawi Falls
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel was rated excellent for the location, cleanliness, staff, and services.
Hotel reservation
Berjaya Resort is one of the best 5-star hotels in Langkawi, less than 7 minutes’ drive from the waterfalls
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall very good reviews.
Hotel reservation

Falls site of the seven wells

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