Among the tourist attractions in Indonesia, especially on the island of Bali, is the village of Tirta Gangga, dating back to the establishment of the park in 1946.
In addition to the green areas, the garden includes a number of lakes and ponds, in addition to a number of statues that decorate the garden and give it a special luster. The village of Tirta Ganga is located in the heart of the stepped rice farms, near the eyes of the raga waters.

The village of Tirta Ganga Bali

Things to do in Tirta Ganga Village and Garden

• The first thing that you will encounter inside Tirta Ganga Garden is the main pond surrounded by the number of statues so you can look at it first and the fish with multiple colors and distinctive inhabiting

The village of Tirta Ganga in Bali

Besides the pool you can also look at the main fountain, the wooden bridge you can stop at and take some pictures.

Tirta Ganga Village and Garden in Bali

• Then you have to wander around the green areas that cover a large part of the garden, or take a look at the eyes, ponds and lakes that spread in the garden and enjoy some calmness while breathing the fresh air.
You can do a walk in the lakes through the tiles distributed inside the lake, especially taking some special pictures.

Tirta Ganga Garden - Bali

You can also bring some snacks, especially if you are accompanying your family for a private picnic, amidst the beautiful nature of the garden.
• And if you want to spend more time in this unique place, you can rent one of the wooden huts located in the village and garden of Tirta Ganga to enjoy all that is in the garden more
• If you want to enjoy a meal or a drink during your trip, Tirta Ganga Village will provide you with an equipped restaurant and offer a number of different dishes along with desserts and drinks.

Tirta Ganga Village - Bali


Everyday from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening.

Entry prices:

30000 Indonesian Rupee.

Hotels near Tirta Ganga Village

Tirta Ganga Water Palace Villa, a 3-star hotel in Bali, Indonesia, just 500 meters from the village of Tirta Ganga.
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Most of the Arab visitors gave him a great evaluation of the site.
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Cape Bali is a 3-star hotel in Bali, 900 meters from the village of Tirta Ganga.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
Most of the Arab visitors gave him an excellent evaluation of the look.
Hotel reservation

The location of the village of Tirta Ganga

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