Pont des Amours bridge of lovers was built in the year 1845 AD in the city of Annecy and is one of the tourist attractions in France
It is a legendary bridge, believed to bring together lovers forever, and it links the gardens of Europe with the ancient Baquer Park across the Le Teo River
The bridge was wooden, and it was replaced in 1859 AD with casting iron. Due to the cost of maintenance and the confusion of boat traffic, it was replaced by the current bridge in 1907 AD.
It is one of the most important tourist places in Annecy, as it gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the lake, the city, and the artificial island of Pelican.

The Lover's Bridge in Annecy

Activities you can do

• You can cross the bridge and enjoy the scenic views of the clear lake water, and the reflection of the green nature, surrounding the bridge on both sides, in its waters.

Lover's Bridge in Wannsee

• Do not forget during your transit trip that you put the lovers’ lock that bears your name and the name of the person you love, to be happy in your life with them.

Love locks on lover's bridge

• Take a tour of the wooden boat that crosses from under the bridge, which will give you a chance to relax a little in an atmosphere of romantic past.

Lover's Bridge Forget

• The bridge overlooks the gardens of Europe in Le Baquer Park, where you can enjoy a tour of the picturesque and exceptional nature, with wonderful views of Lake Annecy.

Lover's Bridge is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Annecy

• Then have a refreshing and delicious meal in one of the restaurants surrounding the bridge, which gives you stunning views of it and the charming Le Teo River.

Lover's Bridge is one of the most important tourist places in Annecy

• End your day by crossing the bridge in the evening, and take stunning pictures of the place, and if you are lucky that there is a national event, you can see it in the best way.

Night scene of Lover's Bridge

Wannsee Lover Bridge Hotels – Wannsee

Le Loft Danse Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Annecy with exceptional ratings, and it is 400 meters from the Lover’s Bridge, Annecy
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The location is excellent in the heart of the old city, the services are great, the staff are helpful.
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Les Luges Vieille Villey Annecy is a 5-star hotel in France with excellent ratings, and it is 850 meters from Lover’s Bridge, Annecy.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is quiet and distinctive, the views are beautiful, the staff are helpful and the services are excellent.
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Lance Bridge, forget about site

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