There is a small island in Croatia that causes a sensation among all love birds and romantics on this planet despite it being a small and uninhabited island.
It is a desert island full of shrubs and yet it is one of the most popular islands on the planet at the present time, that island is the island of love in Croatia called Galešnjak or Love Island Croatia, which is most distinguished by its unique shape in the form of a heart.
The Island of Lovers in Croatia gained global recognition and made a world sensation for the first time in 2009 when Google Earth demonstrated its unique form although Napoleon mappers had identified it during the nineteenth century.
It has been named after “Island of Love” and “Island of Lovers” and is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia especially for couples and grooms who spend their honeymoon as it is the ideal destination for those who are passionate about beauty and the charm of natural life.

The best activities you can do on Love Island in Croatia

• The island of love is uninhabited and does not have any tourist facilities. All that the bushes have on its rocky terrain is somewhat rocky and this natural atmosphere is what appeals to most lovers. Creator on Earth.

Island of Lovers Croatia

Lovers Island has some charming beaches where you can enjoy swimming there, it gives you a wonderful feeling that makes everyone visiting the island never want to leave.

Island of Love, Croatia

• Many of those who love adventure exercise free jumping from the sky on the island of lovers in Croatia throughout the year, especially on Valentine’s Day.

The island of love in Croatia

• You can camp on the Island of Love or rent a boat and enjoy a stunning cruise as you travel between the island of love and the nearby islands, including the island of Pašman.

Island of Lovers in Croatia

• For all who wish to entertain and relax, the proximity to the island of Lovers in Croatia is a comprehensive tourist and health center called tourist hub of Zadar.

Visit the island of love in Croatia

• You cannot miss an opportunity to take pictures of the stunning landscapes of Love Island with your camera lens. It is so beautiful the island will find yourself recording every moment in order not to forget this enjoyable trip.

The island of love in Croatia

The best hotels near love island Croatia

Mobil Homes Camp is one of the best accommodation options and one of the best hotels in Croatia. It is also one of the closest hotels to Al Jeb Island, as it is 1.5 km from the beach, which is 5 minutes from the beach.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Mobil Homes camp impressed all visitors and gave them exceptional reviews in terms of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, value for money, and location.

Love Island location on Google map

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