Ajman is a coastal city that enjoys special charm and luster, not only thanks to its charming marine view that captivates you wherever you go across its borders, but because it is one of the most cities in the Emirates where the magic of nature meets with the past legacy in one place bearing the name of Ajman Corniche, if you want to shop this Close up magic, pack your luggage for an unforgettable vacation in one of the most important tourist spots in Ajman.
But before that, we accompanied us for a few minutes during that tour to get to know the most important activities that you can do to enjoy the charm of Ajman Corniche to make your travel decision.

Activities to do on Ajman Corniche

• Enjoy the ambiance and the fresh sea breeze while relaxing under one of the wicker canopies and palm trees spread along the Corniche.

Ajman Corniche

• Carry out activities and sports associated with marine excursions, such as swimming, fishing, boating, or windsurfing.

Fishing during a visit to Ajman Corniche

• Take a tour around the Corniche and enjoy the view of the enchanting sea, turquoise waters, golden sands and luxurious Ajman hotels overlooking it via walking paths or by renting a bike and riding it in the special tracks.

A pleasure stroll on the Ajman Corniche

Visit the archaeological tower of Al-Murabba, southwest of Ajman, a watched brick tower dating back to the 1930s.

The archaeological tower near Ajman Corniche

• Have a delicious meal from fast food restaurants or those that sell traditional dishes of the country or city, then have a favorite drink from Ajman restaurants and cafes spread across the southern border of the Corniche.

Restaurants on Ajman Corniche

• If you are lucky, you may attend one of the national celebrations or festivals that take place in the Corniche area, in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

The most beautiful parks on the Ajman Corniche

Hotels near Ajman Corniche

Wyndham Garden Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ajman on the Corniche 4 stars, overlooking Ajman Beach and the Corniche, it is only one minute separated from them.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a great rating thanks to its cleanliness, great location, internet access.

Hotel reservation

Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel & Spa is one of the finest hotels in the Emirates, Ajman, located 10 minutes from Ajman Beach and Corniche.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Most of the Arab visitors have given this hotel very positive reviews on the website, staff, level of services especially internet access.

Hotel reservation

Ajman Corniche site

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