Istanbul’s Kelios Beach is one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey during the summer months because of its distinct location on the Black Sea providing it with a picturesque nature where sand and hills nearby and covered with green, clear turquoise water, in addition to a series of restaurants and cafes high-end entertainment atmosphere attractive to the attention of families And all these ingredients have helped make Kilyos one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul, not only that;
Throughout the article, we present to you the most important activities that can be done on Kilyos Istanbul Beach, as well as the best hotels in Istanbul near it.

The most important activities that can be taken when visiting Clius Istanbul Beach

• Kilyos Istanbul Beach provides visitors with a long walk to enjoy popular sports such as walking, jogging and cycling.

Kilyos Istanbul Beach

• You will not regret taking the adventure with the family and spending a wonderful day between playing in the soft golden sands and diving in the clear blue waters.

Kilyos Istanbul Beach

• If you feel hungry after a day full of fun and excitement, do not hesitate to go for a delicious meal in one of the nearby restaurants that are dedicated to preparing the most delicious authentic Turkish dishes.
Kilyos Beach in Istanbul

• Maintain an extremely magical and romantic view of the sea at sunset and an intricate overlap of orange and brown colors creating a unique natural portrait painted by the Creator.

Kilyos Istanbul Beach

• Do not miss the opportunity to spend time at the beach at night, enjoy the breezes of fresh air and have your favorite drink in the lights shining everywhere.

Kilyos Istanbul Beach

• You won’t have to search long for a place to stay as Kelios Beach is famous for its numerous accommodations known for the quality of their level and spread along the beach.

Kilyos Istanbul Beach

• After spending fun time on Kilyos Beach in Istanbul you can complete the experience of Istanbul beaches by visiting Solar Istanbul which is near Kilyos, or just a few steps away to visit the Belgrade Istanbul forests

Istanbul Kelios Beach Hotels – Istanbul

Grand Trabia Hotel Istanbul is one of the best hotels in Istanbul by the sea. It is 17.4 km from Kilyos

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Trabia Hotel Istanbul has received a great evaluation on location, comfort, hygiene and staff.
Hotel reservation
Belek Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 4-star Istanbul hotels away from the beach about 22.3 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews for the comfort, value for money, staff performance, facilities and location.
Some visitors complained about the hotel’s hygiene and some smells.
Hotel reservation

Kelios Beach website

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