The Saudi city of Al-Ahsa has a number of zoos, some of which have been designated as nature reserves open to public visits, but today we are talking about Al-Tarf Model Park in Al-Ahsa as a unique experience and it is one of the famous tourist attractions in Al-Ahsa.
The park is an open park for public visits since 2009 and has witnessed and is still witnessing many remarkable developments to the attention of local and foreign tourists. To learn more about the activities that can be practiced in the unique park in the east of the Kingdom, you should follow the article.

Typical Party Garden in Al-Ahsa

The most important activities that can be done in Al-Ahsa Zoo

• You can enjoy watching and fondling cute animals and birds such as cats and dogs, as well as wild species of lions, monkeys, Australian ostrich deer and parrots, and you can photograph their funny behaviors.

The working hours of the zoo in Al-Ahsa

• You can visit the lake and enjoy watching, photographing and feeding birds and aquatic animals such as ducks, geese, crocodiles and others.

Typical Party Garden site in Al-Ahsa

• You can also enjoy an unrepeatable experience of watching and photographing rare zoo animals such as African lions, Siberian tigers and American rabbits.

Zoo in Al-Ahsa

• It is distinctive that you can spend a fun and quiet time and dine through one of the family or separate sessions in front of the fountains and artificial waterfalls and amid the palm trees, green spaces and attractive lighting units.

The cost of entering the Zoo in Al-Ahsa

• You can visit the amusement park and enjoy with children more than one fun game such as electric train, car racing and other great games.

The best times to visit a typical party garden

• You can also visit tourist places near the zoo in Al-Ahsa such as the Gwatha Mosque, Mount Continent, Al-Ahsa National Park, and other important landmarks.

The Zoo in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

The working hours of the zoo in Al-Ahsa

The garden works daily on two periods:
From 9:00 until 11:00 am.
From 3:30 until 9:00 pm.

The best hotels near the zoo in Al Ahsa

Coral Plaza Al-Ahsa Hotel is one of the best 4-star Al-Ahsa hotels located 23.2 km from Al-Ahsa Zoo.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a good rating from its visitors thanks to the location, cleanliness, while the rest of the items got lower reviews.
Hotel reservation
Som Wear Place Al-Ahsa is one of the best 5-star hotels in Saudi Arabia. Al-Ahsa is located 21 km from the model party garden.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a great rating from the visitors and came on site, cleanliness, comfort, and staff.
Some complained about the lack of some facilities at the hotel.
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Zoo site in Al-Ahsa

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