The charm of the city of Istanbul has a special taste that summarizes the beauty of the oriental character mixed with the charm of western beauty, so it is combined between its view of the Bosphorus Strait, the picturesque nature and the climate that is always closest to the moderate, in addition to the huge diversity of monuments to the gardens to shopping centers, which makes it sit on the throne of tourist destinations.

And of course, tourism tours in Turkey will not be complete without the experience of Istanbul restaurants, especially those that enjoy sea views, and the article provides you with a comprehensive guide on the most important and best Istanbul restaurants on the sea ideal for the family as well as groups of friends.

Best hotels in Istanbul

As one of the most important tourist cities of Turkey, Istanbul includes a series of the finest hotels in Turkey in terms of the level of services and facilities provided, the ideal location of tourist attractions, varying prices and acceptable to the various budgets of accommodation, and through the following link we provide a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Istanbul according to previous visitor reviews .. Read More

The best Istanbul restaurants by the sea

The best Istanbul restaurants by the sea

Istanbul brings together many distinct restaurants with wonderful views of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait and these restaurants are considered one of the best tourist destinations because they include all kinds of eastern and western cuisine and Turkish cuisine famous for being one of the best kitchens in the world in terms of flavors and cleanliness and the way of presentation as well.

We have dedicated this article to you to find the best restaurants on the sea in Istanbul that are recommended.

Hoka Istanbul Restaurant

Hoka Restaurant is one of the best restaurants on the sea in Istanbul. The restaurant offers Turkish and international cuisine, especially italyn cuisine. It also has wonderful views of the Bosphorus Bridge. Hoka is a restaurant and a café. It is also specialized in providing all kinds of shisha in its external halls. The restaurant also serves breakfast. . read more

Restaurants on the sea in Istanbul

Ulus Park Istanbul

Olus Park is one of the most famous and best restaurants in Istanbul by the sea thanks to its panoramic views of the sea and the Bosphorus. It is also famous for serving a buffet for breakfast and main dishes inspired by Turkish cuisine and international kitchens, especially European .. Read more

Restaurants in Istanbul by the sea

Beyk Chef Istanbul Restaurant

Big Chef Restaurant is classified as one of the best restaurants on the sea in Istanbul, and it is one of the most famous dishes types of Turkish and international pizza of all kinds, in addition to the types of hamburgers sandwiches, natural juices and cocktails. Visitors to the Big Chef restaurant can enjoy the best types of breakfast in Istanbul .. Read more

Cafés on the sea in Istanbul

Nazih Istanbul Restaurant

If you want to have a distinctive morning breakfast, Nazih is one of the most beautiful Istanbul restaurants on the sea that offers a delicious and very diverse group for breakfast, as it offers the most delicious types of Turkish grills, in addition to the most delicious types of soups and appetizers, and we will not forget its distinctive view of the sea as it is classified from The best restaurant in Istanbul by the sea, the staff is friendly and fast to meet requests .. Read more

Istanbul restaurants by the sea

Oba Istanbul Restaurant

It is distinguished for its wonderful views of the sea and the Bosphorus Bridge, and it is one of the best cafes in Istanbul on the sea. It also includes internal and external sessions, it serves breakfast in the form of a buffet with varied items that satisfy all tastes, as it is characterized by its delicious dishes of meat, burgers and pasta, and we do not forget to serve the best types of sweets, There are also games for children … Read more

Istanbul cafes on the sea

Istanbul Summit Restaurant

Luqmah restaurant is considered the best restaurant in Istanbul by the sea, specializing in serving the most famous Turkish cuisine in addition to western food, and it has gained wide fame among tourists and locals as well, and is characterized by a wonderful location on the sea, it includes a varied menu on breakfast that includes all types of distinctive Turkish breakfast.

As for the main dishes served by a restaurant that varies between grilled meat and chicken, in addition to delicious Turkish appetizers and types of salads, and a menu that includes the most delicious Turkish sweets, and the staff is characterized by kindness and friendliness .. Read more

The best restaurant in Istanbul by the sea

Ishq Istanbul Restaurant

Aashq restaurant offers you a special experience, as it is famous for providing various and delicious foods, including pastas, pastries, pizza, and sweets, in addition to a luxurious collection of salads, cold and hot drinks, in an atmosphere filled with comfort and relaxation, thanks to the charming view of the sea .. Read more

The best Istanbul restaurants by the sea

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