Ankara, the Turkish capital, is one of the best tourist destinations in Turkey, as it has many historical attractions that attract tourists and an endless number of recreational places such as parks, gardens, and game cities.
We are always keen on directing you to the best, all you have to do is read the next lines to get to know the most beautiful gardens in Ankara, which enjoy the tranquility of its atmosphere and its beautiful beauty.

The best of Ankara hotels

Ankara has a large number of hotels and resorts, it is considered one of the best hotels in Turkey, as it enjoys fascinating views of the city’s tourist places, and it also provides the best hotel accommodation services .. Read more

The best of Ankara hotels

Ankara Gardens

The city of Ankara is characterized by the presence of a large number of parks that tourists resort to to empty negative energies, recreation and clear the mind, as it contains the largest artificial lakes, green plants and tall trees, and there are a number of recreational activities that give the visitor an atmosphere of fun.

Serra Park

It is one of the most famous amazing gardens of Ankara, which is located on a huge area of ​​trees, green plants, flowering roses of different colors, and this garden is characterized by many paths that permeate the trees in a picturesque landscape where they were designed by skilled engineers and agriculturalists.
It also has many greenhouses that include a group of the best types of plants and rare flowers, and contains a distinct group of waterfalls that give a distinctive atmosphere to the garden, and there are several lakes interspersed with wonderful dancing fountains.

The best parks of Ankara

Wonderland Park

It is one of the most beautiful gardens of Ankara, which is characterized by the spread of cartoon sculptures throughout the park, and it is one of the gardens suitable for children and adults, as it contains many theaters and art galleries.
It also includes a large range of courses for many sports such as tennis, golf and basketball, as well as large halls to enjoy skiing.

The most beautiful gardens of Ankara

Ginklicle Park or Youth Park

It is one of the best parks in Ankara that you can spend quality time, as it contains a large artificial lake in the middle of which is a group of colorful fountains, where some boats can be rented for hiking.
It also includes a large number of fine restaurants and distinguished cafes, and you can watch some live shows on the garden’s stage, and also contains entertainment games suitable for all age groups.

Ankara Turkey Gardens

Goksu Park

One of the most beautiful gardens of Ankara, which is characterized by its wild forests, where there are many types of wild plants, pets and predators, as well as many types of wild birds that fly over them.
The park offers a lot of tourist activities that visitors can enjoy, so you can walk around and walk in safe passages and enjoy the picturesque scenery. There is also a bicycle rental service, and you can camp in designated areas away from predators.

Turkish gardens of Ankara

Sigmenlis Park

It is one of the largest parks in Ankara, which enjoys wide popularity among the Turks, as it enjoys delightful natural scenery, and it is spread by many artificial lakes surrounded by trees.
You can walk around with it to feel comfortable and calm, and when you feel tired, you will find plenty of wooden umbrellas in front of you that you can rest on.

Ankara Gardens in Turkey

Gold Garden

One of the most beautiful and charming gardens of Ankara, which is characterized by adding an atmosphere of fun and entertainment for its visitors, it contains a huge swimming pool surrounded by flowers and green plants from all sides.
There are also recreational activities and a variety of summer schools for children, and the park is distinguished by its wonderful flower nursery in which all kinds of exotic and rare flowers are sold.

Ankara Gardens in Turkey

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