Tourism in Rome is one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Italy, which is the capital that boasts historical Romen landmarks as a huge Colosseum Amphitheater, in addition to high-end and popular markets and distinctive italyn restaurants.

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Rome’s best hotels

You can find the best hotels in Rome near the tourist attractions and shopping in Rome in the following article … Read more

Best tried hotels in Rome Learn about a selection of recommended hotels in Rome Italy

The best shopping places in Rome

In this article, we will review the most important markets of Rome and the important shopping centers therein:

Dima Shopping Center

This shopping center is located in the Bufalotta area in Rome and it includes various shops that include clothes, electronics, household items, foodstuffs, etc. in addition to several restaurants and cafes
website: Here

Dima shopping center is one of the most famous shopping places in Rome

Primavera Shopping Center

Primavera includes many different shops, including clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, etc., in addition to several restaurants, cafes, a large supermarket, and children’s entertainment facilities.
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Primavera shopping center is one of the most important shopping complexes in Rome

La Turry Shopping Center

One of the best shopping centers in Rome includes 70 shops for various needs and goods, including clothes, shoes, accessories and others, in addition to restaurants, cafes and cinemas, many events and entertainment activities are held in the center
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La Torre is an important shopping center in Rome

Via Nazionale Street

One of the best shopping places in Rome, which is a street that includes a large group of shops and boutiques that sell ready-made clothes and leather goods at reasonable prices. There are many restaurants and cafes on this street

Via Via Nazionale, one of the most important markets in Rome, Italy

Arca de Cabina Shopping Center

The Arca de Capena is one of the most important shopping centers in Rome. It includes a variety of shops for different needs, from clothes and shoes to electronics and others. It also contains a large hypermarket and several restaurants and cafes.

The Arca de Capena shopping center is one of the most important shopping and tourism areas in Rome

Castel Romeno Design Outlet

An open village that includes many stores of the most famous international brands, which sells its products at discounted prices that may reach 70%. You can see famous brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Diesel, etc. There are also many restaurants and cafes.
website: Here

Castel Romeno Design Outlet is the best italyn market in Rome

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