The city of Strasbourg, located on the River Isle, which branches off the River Rhine, the boundary between Germany and France, is a prominent architectural, engineering, medical and media center, and is famous for its beautiful buildings and tourist sites in France. Its urban origins extend to the Romen Empire.

Best of Strasbourg hotels

Strasbourg is one of the most prestigious hotels in France, and on the next tab we have collected the best hotels in Strasbourg based on the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors in each hotel .. Read more

Best hotels in Strasbourg, France

Places to shop in Strasbourg

In this article we present to you a group of the best markets of Strasbourg in France, which are shopping places that attract a lot of tourists in addition to the local people because of the diversity of exhibits in them.

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is the oldest market of its kind in France, and it is one of the most important markets in Strasbourg, as it was established in 1570 and is still standing to this day in the city center. The Christmas market is held annually in the holiday period from November 27 to December 24.

The most important markets of Strasbourg, France

The Laupite Mall

L’Obette is one of the best shopping centers in Strasbourg, featuring a wide selection of the finest shops that carry world-famous brands in the field of fashion, as well as cafes and restaurants in the open square has.

Shopping centers in French Strasbourg

The commercial center Auchan Strasbourg

Center commercial Auchan Strasbourg One of the largest shopping centers in Strasbourg includes a large group of shops that sell all daily necessities of food in addition to clothes and shoes for all the family members.

Malls of Strasbourg France

Revitali Mall

Among the most important French malls in Strasbourg, Rivetoile Mall includes more than 85 diversified shops on two floors that include the most famous international brands such as Zara, Adidas, Sephora and others in addition to many restaurants, cafes and many recreational activities for children, including an ice rink.

The best malls in Strasbourg

Place des Halls

The Place des Halles complex is considered one of the best French malls in Strasbourg, as it includes more than 120 diversified stores that include many high-end products from international brands such as Zara, H&M, Sephora, Mango and Orange Store, as well as many restaurants, fast food and cafes alongside Many leisure activities.

The most important markets of Strasbourg, France

Grand Rio

The Grand Rio GRAND RUE region is one of the largest markets in Strasbourg located in the historical area of ​​the city.

Shopping in Strasbourg

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