The city of Zell am See is the second destination after Vienna in terms of tourist areas in Austria. Tourist sites in Zell am See include springs, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and the beauty of the scenic green nature. It also includes many shops and distinctive markets.

The best shopping in Zell am See

Learn about the most famous Zell am See markets and high-end stores in various fields


One of the best shopping places in Zell am See, which is a large store that includes everything that comes to mind from furniture, decorations, and household and personal needs.
It also includes clothes, fabrics, shoes, children’s clothing, accessories, gifts, etc. The store features permanent offers on all products

Shopping in Zell am See Austria

Libro shop

One of the most important markets of Zell am See for electronic devices and all its accessories, films and electronic games. The store also offers laptops, school and office supplies, printing devices, mobile phones, CDs and others.
In addition, the store contains men’s, women’s and other children’s clothing, fancy dress and others

The most important markets in Zell am See

Media Market

One of the best shopping places in Zell am See, as it provides more than 700 branches in 14 countries around the world, the store includes all electronic and electrical products from various international brands in addition to all its accessories and at good prices

Malls of Zell am See Austria

XXXLutz Store

XXXLutz store specialized in displaying and selling all home accessories and furniture and also decorations is considered one of the best markets in Zell am See in this field as it is one of the leading companies in the furniture industry in Austria, the store includes all household appliances, clothes, accessories and gifts and the prices are medium and high quality, and the store also includes a restaurant and super Great supermarket

Shopping centers in Zell am See

Maxi Market

A huge supermarket that includes all needs, which includes clothes, shoes, electronic devices, food, foodstuffs, etc. In addition to that it contains a restaurant and a gas station, and its prices are considered acceptable and appropriate.

Zell am See Markets

Benton shop

One of the most famous shopping places in Zell am See is an international brand that includes all kinds of clothing. The Benetton store in Zell am See
It is one of a chain of branches distributed in 120 countries and offers modern clothes that carry an elegant italyn touch of women’s and men’s clothing, children’s clothing and accessories

Shopping complexes in Austrian Zell am See

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