Baku is that sparkling capital, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Baku, which boasts its picturesque nature, in unrivaled harmony between high mountain hills, plains, and deserts, alongside forests, as its lands permeate the seas and rivers.
Baku also offers a unique mixture between East and West, which includes tourist attractions, archaeological sites and attractions, characterized by its rare engineering architecture, as well as a variety of charming places of breathtaking beauty, in the forefront of which is the wonderful bouquet of picturesque Baku Gardens, you will gain many facets of beauty during Your visit to Baku, the most beautiful tourist city in Azerbaijan

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Best Baku hotels

The city of Baku includes a variety of hotels, which overlook the most famous landmarks in the city, which guarantee to its guests the finest rooms and suites that are equipped with the latest facilities and provide the best services, and below we will present a list of the best Baku hotels based on the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Baku Gardens

The most beautiful gardens of Baku

The city of Baku has the most beautiful set of parks that bring together all aspects of entertainment and enjoyment for its visitors, between stunning views and wonderful landscapes. It also includes walking and running paths for fans of this type of sports, and places dedicated to children’s games, all this and more, you will find it in 6 months of Baku Gardens The picturesque.

Philharmonic Park

It is the most beautiful and oldest garden in Baku, which is near the old city, and its history dates back to 1830 AD. Unique places to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
The Philharmony Park also includes the distinctive summer pavilion, which is a special hall for concerts, which increases the importance of this garden, and places for play and various entertainment, so you can not miss this charming garden.

Baku Gardens

Baku Zoo

One of the most important parks in Baku, and one of the most important destinations for the residents of the capital and tourists, as it is the oldest zoo in Azerbaijan, was opened in 1928 AD, and occupies an area of ​​more than 10 and a half acres, and includes a large number of animals and birds up to 170 species Different, with 1200 animals .. Read more

Gardens in Baku

Upland Baku Park

Upland Park is one of the most distinctive parks in Baku, which is the most beautiful haven for families. It gives you a unique experience when you take the cable car up to the highest point in the city, to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the Azerbaijani capital. To the top of the hill .. Read more

Baku City Gardens

Baku water park

It is one of the most famous places of entertainment among the wonderful Baku Gardens, where it attracts a large number of visitors, whether from within the city or from tourists, it is a garden full of beauty, vitality, and springboard, enjoying the most beautiful views between the wonderful waterfalls and the various height slides that throw you in the distinctive pools in An interesting experience .. Read more

Gardens in Baku

The Baku Boulevard Park

The most magnificent Baku Gardens, known as the Coastal National Park, dates back more than 100 years, and is characterized by its stunning views along the Caspian Gulf that harmonize with the greenery, the cactus plant that spreads its various types, as well as a huge fountain stunning the heart of the park.
The park includes many tourist attractions, such as Boulevard Boulevard Mall, Caspian and Tar Front, and at the end of the park is the famous National Flag Square.

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Gardens in Baku

Park officers

This park is one of the coolest parks in Baku, characterized by the beauty and tranquility you are looking for to spend a special time away from the crowded city center, and one of the most suitable places for family picnics, which includes cafes, an ice skating rink, a children’s play area, and lots of seats to sit in a place Quiet, among the trees, flowers, and fountains scattered throughout, there is also a small market at the entrance to the garden where you can buy drinks and snacks.

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The length of the weekdays 24 hours.

Baku Capital Gardens

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